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Asked a question 2 years ago

After the "Reports" have been replaced by "Insights" there are many reports that cannot be generated. Would it be useful to reenable Reports or at least have all the old Reports available and recreated by default in Inisghts?

Seda Pipedrive Employee
Hi Jan Kadela ! Thanks for the feedback! I would like to help, could you please tell what reports are you missing right now in Insights?
Rahul Bhandari
Seda : We are missing reports as a whole. Its was more user friendly. We have shifted from sales force to PD as it was more simple/user friendly and now is PD also making it too much complicated.
Seda Pipedrive Employee
I'm truly sorry to hear it. Our goal is to provide you with more reporting capabilities (for all plans) and give you more freedom for getting out the results that you need.

A lot of improvements are still on the way but I'd really appreciate some examples of what the major blockers are for you right now. It'd help to understand if there is something we are missing and should add to our roadmap.

Here ( is the default dashboard that you should have. If you are seeing something else and would like to get exactly the same dashboard with 10 pre-created reports as in the gif attached then please reply to this message and we will immediately update the dashboard for you.
Rahul Bhandari
Seda : We would request not remove "reports" before "insights" is in perfect state.

Seda Pipedrive Employee
Rahul Bhandari Insights is not in beta anymore. The flag has been removed. Insights covers most of old reports' capabilities in addition to the new ones such as filtering, dashboard, and reports customization, support of custom fields.
Again, I'd highly aprechiate more concrete examples so we can help.
Lucas Xavier
I DEEPLY regret "trying" the new Pipedrive interface, since then I can't go back and the Reports were removed from the new interface. No matter who says what, the Reports page was very helpful, very simple to filter and get some data, and TBH there was some data from Reports that i still couldn't replicate on Insights. Pipedrive should make them BOTH available.

Insights is nice, but it is still very limited and unpractible in many ways. Disabling the Reports was the most shameful and regressive decison ever made by Pipedrive IMO.

Also, no matter what you say, the survey results of this post represent what your customers think about this decision. Insights don't provide the same experience as Reports. Thats a fact, not a discussion topic.

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