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Asked a question 2 years ago

Do you like the idea of having a shared email inbox in the lead section. This could work similar like the new chat. It would list all mails received on for example From this you could create a lead or deal or assign them to a employee.

Mike van der Valk Pipedrive Employee
Mark Smits interesting post thanks for sharing, will be keeping an eye on the votes!
Paul Keck
I'm not entirely sure why this isn't default behavior in all help/crm systems. As soon as a company graduates from one person who handles inbound sales to two people, a shared inbox is essential. How do people deal with a email address otherwise? Pipedrive does not even let sales-person-2 respond to an email sent to sale-person-1 from a deal they've been assigned. It's crazy to me. So if you want to use your CRM to receive and send emails, and have more than one person handling sales, Pipedrive does not do you any favors. A system like Groove support handles this beautifully: customer send email to, agent1 takes ownership of email and sends response. Agents 2 through whatever can see that it was handled by agent1 and look for the next email. Why do this any other way?

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