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Asked a question 2 years ago

For a residential real estate brokerage firm, where would you organize properties?

Jeremy Prendergast
I have asked this same question, but I can't get an answer...It does not make sense to classify the property as an organisation or a product.

I've heard of some people using product, but that's really not what it should be used for (my opinion).

I've also trialled the idea of having a dedicated pipeline called "Properties". To use a football analogy I thought I could use the Property pipeline as a "bench". I could use the main pipeline as "In the game". At the end of the game (deal lifecycle) the property gets put back on the bench.

This kind of works but it feels like a compromise.

I'm begging this community who apparently use it for real-estate to advise what your ideas are on how to manage a rental / lease property.
Nathan Verwoert
Currently I use the Organisations for properties - it works(ish). However I am finding it falls short when I have open for inspections and 30 groups of people come through and I need to then figure out who is interested and who isn't
Keith Gereghty
I invest in real estate and I use Organizations for my property address and other details about the property if I keep it to rent to own, etc. The person is the person I buy from and who I sell to. Details is for, right now, the details of the property when I buy. Seems to work for me. I have to admit I am still tweaking the custom fields for all 3 to suit my needs. I like Pipedrive. I am using FunnelFLARE for my dialer, texts, appointment calendar and automation sending info out to potential sellers and buyers.
Iztok Toplak
I do use for property new deal as Seller deal. Additional to that a product that is linked to all potential buyer - each have own buyer deal.
António Perucho
As a Real estate agent I use Organizations to track/group client that have contacted me to a specific property. This way I can list/know where that lead came from but that's about it.

I'd also love to ear about more ideas about this!
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