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Saskia Dix
Consultant / Business Psychologist
Asked a question 2 years ago

Hello everybody, The feature insights is very useful for my organization. We would like to create a filter based on a custom contact field. For example: We want to make visible how many directors, advisors or managers are in our CRM-system (pipedrive of course). It would be great if we can make this kind of information visible with a graphic in insights. Would this function be useful to other Pipedrive users? Thank you in advance. Kind regards, Saskia

Alex Stueber Elite Solution Provider
Hey Saskia Dix it's possible in PD, however, remember that to have reports based on custom fields you need to have the Professional plan, otherwise, it won't work.
All the best.
Saskia Dix
Hi Alex Stueber, thank you for your answer! We are on the Professional plan. But I cannot see in Insights where I can filter on a custom field based on a contact. I only see how I can create a report based on a deal. Can you explain your solution? Thank you in advance!
Mike van der Valk Pipedrive Employee
Hi Saskia Dix currently it's a bit further in the backlog but the idea of our team is definitely to be able to report on contact persons and organizations in the future. No exact timeline for now so best at the moment to use filters and exporting unfortunately.
Saskia Dix
Hi Mike van der Valk , thank you for your reply. Good to hear that it is on the roadmap (but maybe not in the near future ;)) Looking forward to it.

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