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Asked a question 2 years ago

Hello people, Is there a way to create a detail view bar, just like the existing DETAIL and ORGANIZATION bars? I created custom fields that I would like to present grouped in a new view bar. Do you know if it's possible?

Mike van der Valk Pipedrive Employee
JF Consultores Associados could you clarify a bit more what you're trying to do please. Can you show with a screenshot where you'd like to see this and what type of custom fields you'd like to see?
JF Consultores Associados
Mike van der Valk , I attached example images to better explain the need. Basically it is to check if there is the possibility of grouping custodized fields in a specific sidebar, such as the Organization for example
Mike van der Valk Pipedrive Employee
Okay gotcha so you want to create another separately grouped block of some fields you select yourself. Unfortunately this is not possible nor planned at the moment. However, I've passed this along to the team working on this area to review for potential future improvements.

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