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Juliano Tannous
Asked a question 2 years ago

Hi! Block access to change other people's activities. Currently Pipedrive, allows the user to change the appointments of other users. What do you think about blocking this action?

Juliano Tannous
Pipedrive, default users can change due, owner, date, notes and delete activities that another default user?
Google, microsoft and others is not possible...
David Lorbiecke Pipedrive Employee
Juliano Tannous Hey, that's a good suggestion and I could certainly see the need to protect it for the Owner of the activity.
With Permissions, you can control if others can change this, but it does deal with visibility as well.
Juliano Tannous
Permissions: "Owner and Followers" for deals, persons, organization and products!
(John) is supervisor for (Smith) and not admin!

John needed see deals and his actions (activities) of Smith , John Follow Smith!
John should not be empowered to modify his activities just by following Smith... Access to view and not change activities.
You should join Pipedrive USA first.

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