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Josh Monifi
Production Team Manager
Asked a question last year

Hi folks. I stumbled upon a little quirk in Pipedrive that I am hoping the dev team can fix, but I'd also like to see if you have run into this issue. /// We recently upgraded to Professional and are checking out the new tools, such as Group Emails. In order to properly merge Data Fields into an email for each recipient, you need to send a Group Email. To send a Group Email, you need to select one or more Contacts from List view using the checkbox. BUT the checkbox does not show up if you have "Bulk edit items" turned off in permissions. Which we have turned off because we want to limit Users making big mistakes. So our regular users cannot send Group Emails! /// So... can Group emails be accessed in another way to decouple it from the bulk edit feature? Who else is running into this issue? Thanks!

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