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Jonathan Gustavo Pinotti
Marketing Analyst and former Salesman
Asked a question 2 years ago

Hi guys! Is there anyone outside that wonders that Pipedrive could integrate with WhatsApp? Here in Brazil, WhatsApp is the best way to contact people, in all country. It's better than to call them, or e-mail them. Is there any possibilite of a integration in the future road map?

Amit Sarda Community Driver
Have an intermediate solution for this:

And have also asked for this feature to be included in the Pipedrive Caller app (texts, WhatsApp, Telegram).
Robert Luna Community Driver
Some of my Latin-American clients use an app called Pipechat for the integration with WhatsApp
Marcelo Silva Premier Solution Provider | Community Driver | Country Leader Brazil
Pipechat é lindo, por apenas 9 dólares por mês
Jan Visser
Facebook is the devil so I would never bet on Whatsapp - but that's just me.
Bernd Auer Elite + Premier Solution Provider | Community Driver | Country Leader DACH
Have a look at I'm sure Daniele can give you some background information :-)
Bert Calatz Community Driver
There is certainly something to be said for an integration of whatsapp or similar applications. If only it was because 'we oldies' (okay, I'm talking about myself now) are used to calling. But the upcoming generation on the other hand ........
Mario Zijlstra
Would be a great one.

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