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Asked a question 2 years ago

Hi. I would like to send group emails to organizations listed in our data base. Could this feature be of interest for other pipedrive users? Thank you!

Inês Batata Community Manager
Hi Irina SOMOIAG !

You can do this by using our Group Emailing feature, check it out here:

Or, if you're looking for more advanced email marketing capabilities, did you know that we've acquired Mailigen and are working as swe speak to make it work seamlessly with Pipedrive? See more in the links below:

- What is Mailigen?

- Create a free Mailigen trial here:

Hope that helps! 🚀
Hi Ines, thank you for your answer. I've already checked the documentation - but my question was different, I need to send group emails to Organizations which is a different tab / category in PipeDrive.
Inês Batata Community Manager
Irina SOMOIAG Thank you for clarifying your use case.

In that case, the best option would be to create a "dummy" person under each organization (called "Org Email" or anything else that's consistent and that you'll recognize/be able to filter easily) and transfer the email address that currently is associated directly with the Organization to the Person. That way you can filter those contacts in the People's List View and send your group emails from there.

You can do this transfer in bulk using our export/import data feature, see the article below.

- How can I update my Pipedrive data with a spreadsheet?
Martin Pecha
Hi Irina SOMOIAG , I will share you my best practise.
1. create a custom field for organisations f.e. "promo" and YES/NO option
2. go to organisation list view, select all organisation you want to write and bulk edit the value as YES
3. go to person list view, put there filter - find persons, where organisation field "promo" is YES
4. send group email

tip: you can name custom field with a date and keep it, so in the future, you can see, that these organisations were addressed already

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