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Daniel Steyn
Fractional Sales Leader
Asked a question 2 years ago

How do one create a sequence of actions/tasks using workflow automation? If a deal gets moved to a stage, the team needs to perform a sequence of tasks, one after the other. How do I create one workflow that will only create the next task once the previous task in the workflow is done?

Alex Stueber Elite Solution Provider
Hey Daniel Steyn

You need to create several different automation to active what you want.

An example would be to create different activity types for each task they have to complete. (bear in mind doing this, you will have lots of activity types when you have your calendar view open)

Then in your automation you will use these activities you created to use as "trigger/conditions" for the next.

Once you specify the activity type that is completed with the stage and/or Pipeline you want this to happen you will then create a new automation.

You have the option to bundle things together like create an activity and move the deal to the next stage, but, Keep in mind if you do this, and if users decide to move the deal to the next stage manually, your automation might not work. Same if the deal is put back in a previous stage. It might trigger the full set of activities you created to complete all the tasks you wish all over again.

Anyway, good luck.
Don't hesitate to get in touch if you want to clarify some steps.


Mike van der Valk Pipedrive Employee
Alex Stueber Great answer, indeed Daniel Steyn one automation can end with creating an activity where the next automation can start when that activity is marked as comleted.

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