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Felicity NolenCommunity Driver
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Asked a question 2 years ago

How is the impact of the COVID19 affecting your businesses? What are you doing differently?

Jonathan Gennick Community Driver
Nothing too different yet for me, except some extra attention being spent on ensuring the morale of my colleagues. Several of us work remotely already, so the shift to "working at home" didn't affect our day-to-day. My travel's been cut. So there's that.
Felicity Nolen Community Driver
Jonathan Gennick We’re lucky to have the technology to do so. Imagine what it would have been like before the internet? 🤦🏻‍♀️
Daniel Kenney
At my end of the business world, face to face meetings and product knowledge sessions are being cancelled. I do believe that at the end of this we will come out stronger and more organized rather than relying on the face to face communications, instead, we will quickly develop the online presentations that we can give through webinar formats and skype calls.

While it is getting slower, I'm looking at this as an opportunity presenting itself to catch up. I just hope it doesn't last too long.
Felicity Nolen Community Driver
Daniel Kenney yes, it certainly helps to identify areas we can improve on when challenges like this are presented.
Mark de Rijk Community Driver
- I am trying to work together with conference organisers to take their conferences online.
- More focus on acquiring remote advisory clients
- Taking part in a pro-bono working group of cybersecurity professionals that are assisting healthcare organisations in Europe.- I am trying to work together with conference organisers to take their conferences online.
Jonathan Gennick Community Driver
Daniel Kenney To your point about face-to-face meetings being canceled, I'm making it a point this week to call up each of my active authors (i.e., my customers) and spend time on the phone with them. The human connection is so important, especially in times of stress. Several have been thrown into working from home for the first time and are struggling with how to make that work. Some find it isolating to be suddenly stuck in their home all day. Every call I've made so far has been gratefully received.
I hate to be the Downer.

We are in tourism in Australia. We were seeing a slow down in consumer spend had once in 100 year bushfires and now this. Our "pipe" had dropped 95%.

Fair to say we are working on some bits and pieces but right now it is really tough. It's a matter of trying to reboot and think outside the box, launching or relaunching a new business in days.

Mike van der Valk Pipedrive Employee
Scott stay strong, use this community as a source of people and brains to help you. Lets all hope for the sake of business and of course health things will calm down soon.
Felicity Nolen Community Driver
Scott that is bloody tough. I’m in Australia too so can totally relate.
Why don’t you use this forum for help and suggestions as to what you can do?
Create a discussion post with plenty of detail around your situation and see what comes back.
It can’t hurt.
We had a pipeline of projects:
1. Company split - into three entities.
2. Website rebuild for main business, plus two new platforms for the split businesses.
3. Sales and operations automation and beautification.

So in one way I am continuing on as normal. The main thing is that this project will have its scope cut a little, as we do need to allocate some of the cash resources to see us through.

But today I start on copy for our website. I hate this and was in the middle of writing copy to hire someone. But now that is me.

From there, after new site is up, new product stream, I will then really investigate other things we can do for ...

Jonathan Gennick Community Driver
Scott That seems a good move, to invest in some internal projects that will pay off later. I hear you about the tourism. My region and especially my town are driven by tourism. Friends of mine are already losing their jobs, and that will only get worse. I don't have an answer for it.
My LinkedIn is a bloodbath.

Looking around the world it is hard to take the current leadership of a lot of nations seriously too.

Good luck to everyone. For those in businesses doing well, well done - don't forget us when we bounce back!
Glenn McCreedy
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