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Asked a question 2 years ago

How is this not a thing? A Vote for Full email syncing is a vote for your time back!! Please take the poll

Inês Batata Community Manager
Hi William Vest , thank you for your feedback, you make a very valid point.

At the moment we have no news about this, as priorities and resource allocations for development have to be distributed and unfortunately not everything can be built or at least built in the near future.

That being said, I've taken your suggestion and made sure our team takes it into consideration in future developments.

PS - We'd like to ask you to please not use the "What's New?" or "What's Planned?" topics in your posts: they are read-only topics used by Pipedrive to communicate updates to our community members. I have removed them from your post and replaced them with more pertinent topics. Thank you!

They are, however, the place to be to stay on top of what’s coming down the line: 😉

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Alexander Abell
I already voted but MAAAAAAAAAAAN please make this happen, Pipedrive team.
Alexander Abell
Alexander Abell Inês Batata any updates on William Vest 's suggestion?
Mateja Koncurat Pipedrive Employee
Thank you your suggestion, it is very much appreciated. You make a very valid point, and we see why this is a pain point for users. Currently our resources are accounted for, so we cannot promise it will happen very soon, but it is being considered for future development plan. Please, keep an eye on What's Planned to know what we're working on currently and what’s to come:

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