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Asked a question 2 years ago

How much do you use the activities in Pipedrive?

Torlando Hakes
I've found the activities really key to staying with a prospect. Every time I just set up my next activity with them and try to be diligent about following through with the activity.
Paul Minors Solution provider partner
Same. I couldn't live without them. But I know a lot of new users don't use activities much.
Sylvain Solution provider partner
I find the types of activities very practical! I use them in automations and this allows me to be quite precise in their execution!
example: automatic renewal of expiry (fiscal or social) - sending of automatic mail - creation of detail - etc ..
Kallie Johnson
I couldn't do what I do without my activities /reminders
Jay Wealcatch
I find it a bit confusing in terms of notes on the results of an activity.

Where do you leave the results of an activity?

I made a follow up poll to hear how you guys look at it:

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