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Asked a question 2 years ago

How to build a sales process with steps and mandatory activities for each stage Stage: Lead Step. Key decision makers have been identified Step. Supplemented contact details Stage: Hot lead Step 4. A valuable reason for contact has been established Step 5. Contact has been established Step .6 Contact based on recommendations Stage: Prospect Step 7. Meeting with the person deciding about the choice Step 8. Meeting with the person deciding about the choice Step 9. Meeting with a person having a budget Step 10. Setting requirements Step 11. Setting the supplier selection criteria Step 12 Knowledge of the budget Stage: Potential customer Step. 13 An offer was issued Step 14. Discussions on the offer were carried out Step 15. Conditions have been set (scope / costs / deadline) Step 16 Conditions (contract / payments) have been set Stage: Customer Step 17. Implementation of the arrangements

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