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Jean-Patrick HERBUTE
Head of Sales & Associate @ROBOTIQUE CONCEPT
Asked a question 2 years ago

Sales Documents templates are user specific and cannot be used as a « company template » shared between all registered team members. Who would like them to be cross-user and usable for all company ?

Inês Batata Community Manager
Hi Jean-Patrick HERBUTE !

Good news, this is already in our to-do list, take a look here:

Here’s how to stay on top of what’s coming down the line:

* 🔮 Follow "What's Planned" to know what we're working on currently and what’s to come:

* 🌟 Follow "What’s New" and don’t miss any new releases:

* 🧪 Join our "Research and Beta Testing" channel for the chance to try out early versions and give us your opinion about new and improved features before they go live:
Jean-Patrick HERBUTE
Thanks Inês Batata !!

Lovely feedback, exactly what i expected from PD team !!

I must admit, I didn't take time to go and have a look at the roadmap ... My bad.
Inês Batata Community Manager
Jean-Patrick HERBUTE No problem, always happy to deliver good news :)

Now you know where all the gold information is ;)

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