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John Edwards
Sales Manager
Asked a question 2 years ago

Things are changing and most of my customers (B2B) like text messaging! Would you like to log text messages (SMS and MMS) directly in Pipedrive like emails and calls?

Dmitri Ivanenko
I would love that too, from the Pipedrive app.

I use SMSBackup+ on my android. It backs up messages to gmail, and gmail brings it in. So when I see my interactions and activity feed for the client, I see messages and emails and all other type of activity.

If SMSBackup app figured it out, so can pipedrive.

Update July 2021: The SMSBackup+ stopped working for me almost a year ago, due to google restrictions to sms messages.
Chris Rozon
iMessage is going to be a problem, though. That's pretty fully locked down.
Mike van der Valk Pipedrive Employee
Hi John Edwards and others! SMS texting is not something worked on right now, but we are running some tests with it to see if we can solve this.

In the meantime you can check out how others have solved texting in Pipedrive under the topic here:
Scott Krause
John, At 98% of your customers requesting a SMS Integration directly from Pipedrive without a third-party add-on, what's the chance that Pipedrive listens to their client's requests??? Look at the dates above... Last Year??? Really??

This has been a missing ingredient for a few years with no effort from Pipedrive to address it.

Don't get me wrong, we really like Pipedrive, but why SMS Integration is still not available is mind-boggling! Please Man-up and push some buttons for 98% of your customers and get this integration completed ASAP. PLEASE!
Dmitri Ivanenko
Scott Krause I find that people that provide support with pipedrive don't actually use the pipedrive the way users use it, people like me. When I talk to them, they are great people and nice, but holy cow, they have no clue what we need very often, I have to explain things a lot for something that is just common sense in my world being the user. But then again, the bigger the company gets, the more you see things like that happen. There's gonna be a lot of focus on things that make "everyone" happy, with focus on competing features that they believe will make them standout or that they could mention that they "do it too" and have those features, but to truly have a solution that is desired is to listen to the clients that use it right now, how they use it so that the features implemented answer what 80% need.
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