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Bjørn-Henning Opheim
Senior AV-Consultent
Asked a question 2 years ago

What is your digital meeting platform of choice?

Torbjörn Johansson Solution provider partner | Country channel leader (Sweden)
I use Google Meet for 1-2-1 meetings/presentations and Zoom if it workshops with clients.
Boris Tsibelman Community Driver
I'm surprised GoToMeeting is still on this list...
Remember WebEx?
I use Zoom a lot for meetings among colleagues, but I prefer to for client one to one meetings. I don't use the video for these, it's easy to get them to join me and easy to navigate. I work with a lot of older clients, and they like the fact that they can see my screen and get to the meeting easily.
Bjørn-Henning Opheim
I use Teams on my workplace, but I really like how easy Google Meet is. I will try to make my collegueas use this with our clients. :)

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