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Asked a question 2 years ago

What's your favourite "trick" in Pipedrive? Share something you do that others probably don't.

Andrew Richard
Well I'm not sure that it's "in" pipedrive but one of our pipelines is a Parts & Service Pipeline. We only have 1 person managing that pipeline and we have a 48% win rate so quite happy about that..... What we do is integrate with Zapier to "Expire" deals after 30 days as this pipeline requires that deals be requoted after that time period.

I think what would be great is to send an automatic email to these parts clients to let them know that their quote is expiring..... We haven't done that yet. The main reason we haven't looked at doing that is because on avg we win those deals after 9 days so once they reach25 there is a low chance of winning..... but more customer touch points I suppose.
Mike van der Valk Pipedrive Employee
Good point though of not spending/wasting too much time on older deals with a low chance of winning Andrew Richard

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