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Asked a question 2 years ago

Which are the best softwares (more or less in the PipeDrive price range) within the following categories, to integrate them with PipeDrive? (1- Customer Service Desk / 2- Project Management / 3- Billing & Accounting). Our company is considering changing to an all-in-one software, including the CRM software, but I love PipeDrive and want them to consider a solution in which we can keep PipeDrive.

Mike van der Valk Pipedrive Employee
Javier Castelblanco Diaz I'll share your post with some of our integration partners who can perhaps let you know what there is to offer in the right price ranges. Hopefully we can help you find something useful 😇
Bert Calatz Community Driver
Hi Javier Castelblanco Diaz

Changing to an all-in-one solution? Consider then that all-in-one is good enough for everybody so it's also good enough for nobody. Average Joe, in my opinion never a good choice.

But that said, based on a general question, no one can really give good advice here. For this it is necessary that you have properly mapped your entire workflow. To gain insight into which tool is best suited for which part of the process. Focus on that.

So many possibilities and choices to pick. I wish you good luck with that.
Javier Castelblanco Diaz
Hi Bert, thank you for your honest advice. I agree totally with you that in an all-in-one solution probably you will not have an outstanding individual module per se. However, if we decide to keep separate platforms, the real challenge is how we can guarantee a healthy interface process within all those separate software. Hope I can find a solution in which we can keep PipeDrive. I let you know how it went.
Joshua Hindman Solution provider partner
Javier Castelblanco Diaz I 100% agree with Bert. I think it's worth taking the time to define and build clear processes for each org and determine the best tool for each as well. The all-in-one always sounds great but very rarely delivers quality to each department.

That said, my agency runs on Pipedrive for Sales, Infusionsoft for Marketing and billing, Click Up for project management, Helpscout for Help Desk, and Xero for accounting. They don't all talk to each other natively but I'm able to pass important information where needed and sync the really important stuff.

Hope that helps!
Javier Castelblanco Diaz
Thanks a lot Joshua Hindman for your feedback!

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