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Asked a question 2 years ago

Would anyone else find it helpful to *permanently* delete deals? (rather than have them in the deleted filter) That would be great.

Ellias Appel
I've had them do this manually, and did flag it at the time as a requested feature. I think there needs to be a distinction between archiving and deleting, which there currently isn't.
David Lorbiecke Pipedrive Employee
Is there any particular reason you would like to them permanently deleted rather than just in a deleted status?
It would be interesting to see exactly why? Maybe you have test deals you want to permanently remove or something similar?
Molham Krayem
David 🇺🇸 Hi David! To your point indeed, in my case it's either been test deals or deals that we've inputted very early on in its life cycle (for instance, when we cold e-mail a new client with a proposition, we register the deal before we even receive a response to keep track of who we've reached out to. We don't consider it as "lost" yet because we've yet to receive a response). I agree with Ellias Appel regarding deleting vs. archiving - it's also similar to deleting a file on your laptop and keeping it in the bin/trash vs. deleting it from trash (you'd rather not have any trace of it). Hope this helps :)
David Lorbiecke Pipedrive Employee
Thanks Molham مُلهَم! Definitely a valid point and kind of the scenario I was thinking.
Gabriel Cerecedo González
I don’t agree delete deals permanently because in sales any deal can born again in any time. I can check them in difficult times, in sales all can happen.
Waagner Biro Qatar WLL
We NEED to have this feature implemented. In our case, we have used the Excel import function to import our deals. After realizing we made an error in the import, we have click on Revert, but for some reason the deals still show up in the List view with status "Deleted" and there is no way to permanently get rid of them. Worse yet, this is affecting our stats in Insights. Please help!
Waagner Biro Qatar WLL
David Lorbiecke Please give us your feedback regarding our concern above. Thank you!
Clarissa Silvino Pipedrive Employee
Hello guys :) As David pointed out, those are all valid points, although you can always get in touch Support team to permanently delete those deals. The soft delete (by letting them into the delete filter) is for you to have an option to restore them easily, without having to go through an escalation. If this works for you, guess it would be a good workaround while we don't have a way to delete them all right now. Hope I can help :)
Haluk Tanik
You should always have soft delete and permanent delete options. Without that we are ending up with noises for example if a deal is created mistakenly (say by a rookie and by a mistake) or not supposed to be there, etc.
Richard Merry
Permanently delete must be added as in ‘Mail’, all my deleted deals are visible next to each email, which just causes confusion.
Nacho Cabrera
We import databases of contacts where many are updated so plenty of rubbish we woul like to delete permanently to avoid useless info in our system
Karen Vieira
I like the idea of soft delete in case of a mistake - and would also like the ability to permanently delete or "empty the recycling bin" option so that we can free up our system from known junk without having to contact support
Jeff Sprott
Make a "Completed and Archived" option that lives in archived and then make the "delete" option as after 30 days they are deleted forever. Then again I'm sure your stress level is low knowing the deals never are really deleted.

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