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Asked a question 2 years ago

Would anyone else find it useful to have greater control of leads once their imported into the Leads section in Pipedrive? I wish there was an easier way to make bulk edits to leads once their imported. This would allows someone to mass change owners, labels etc.

Mike van der Valk Pipedrive Employee
Ian Parsons thanks for sharing, we will keep an eye on this poll to see how people vote ;)
Amit Sarda Community Driver
I think you can still do it? Create a custom field, populate this custom field with a tag every time you do an import, then create a filter with this custom field, and then bulk edit the deals?
Ian Parsons
Amit Sarda You can't bulk assign leads to new owners.
Ian Parsons
Mike van der Valk Thanks Mike, it seems currently that the leads section is built for situations where there's a smaller inflow of leads. When we import leads we do it a couple hundred at a time. It would be nice to make bulk edits to owners of those leads and to have more intricate filter system. Similar to the contacts tab. Thank you for getting back to me.
Amit Sarda Community Driver
Ian Parsons I am 100% sure you can. Can you check the permissions at the user-level?
Mike van der Valk Pipedrive Employee
Amit Sarda Ian Parsons
In the deal section you can, but the new leads section not yet:
Thanks for the feedback though!
Keith Greywood
We have just had a 'Leads' section go live in pipedrive, next to deals. But this is unusable at present as you cannot seem to use it in pipedrives automation section or send leads via zapier, as we do at the moment for contacts / deals
Mike van der Valk Pipedrive Employee
Keith Greywood thanks for sharing that feedback, we're constantly developing so sharing this feedback with some people here to review. Michal Smetana Nuno Oliveira
Patrick Pope
Pretty conclusive results (so far at least!)
Mike van der Valk Pipedrive Employee
Patrick Pope yes, and we have a team working on exactly this request already, stay tuned 🚀 it will still take a few weeks but we're on it!
Mike van der Valk Has there been an update on this as yet!? I am currently manually adding a label to hundreds of imported leads... I will hold off if the update is around the corner!! :) Thank you in advance :)
Dylan Mackey
I don't want to create contacts for all of my prospects when I import data; I'd rather create leads. But I must label them (or include their source in the record) so I can create filters because my approach is hyper-personalized. I'm not willing to label leads individually; it's inefficient and a waste of time.

Here are my feature requests for 'leads':

1) Custom fields for leads.
2) More fields available during import (source and/or label is important for my use).
3) Ability to edit leads en masse. I noticed that you can only delete leads individually. This request is in alignment with this post.

Huge upvote. What's your guys' time frame?
Dylan Mackey
I also realized that there are limitations associated with filtering lead views. Even if I could add the source, I couldn't create a filter to display it. I can only filter by label right now.
Mike van der Valk Pipedrive Employee
Brooke Dylan Mackey it's always very difficult to give estimation but it's definitely still over a month away by the looks of it. Once the update is done though indeed custom fields, using those during importing and bulk editing/sorting as well as filtering will be available for leads.

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