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Accounting & invoicing
Accounting & invoicing
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Which impact when an account is deleted ? Will the account deleted will fond back its data if I invite it 3 months later ?


In this brave new world of automation on Pipedrive, i am trying to do this

New Person Created > Create Lead

IF Lead Created > Turn into Deal

IF Deal Created > Create Activity

IF Activity Done AND IF Custom Data Field 1 Selected > Add Product 1 to Deal AND move to Next Deal Stage

IF Product 1 Added AND Moved to Next Deal Stage > Create PandaDoc Document Template 1

It would be amazing to be able to do this and i know in time, you amazing Developers at Pipedrive will make this happen, so for now, I... (More)

Tim Dobie
Financial Director

Pandadoc integration


I am trying to create a Pandadoc document that has pricing tables populated by the Products attached to the Deal in Pipedrive. I need to find a way of pointing Products to different pricing tables in the Pandadoc document based on their Category defined in Pipedrive. For example Products with Category "monthly" goes to Pricing Table "monthly" (in Pandadoc) and category "one-off" goes to a different pricing table in Pandadoc titled "one-off costs" etc.