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Accounting & invoicing
Accounting & invoicing
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Xero Integration, Invoice field data missing


We are having issues with Xero invoicing within Pipedrive. 

We create an invoice but the contact details (name, address etc) won't populate into the fields in the Xero app within Pipedrive. 

Frustrating and time consuming to manually enter. Hopefully we can find a fix here?

Thank you.


Planned: Invoicing to gain new abilities 🧾 🚀


To give you access to insights about an organisation's purchase history and payment status, and to make it easier to track and chase outstanding invoices.

For whom?

Invoicing: all plans.

Products: Advanced, Professional and Enterprise.

How will it work?

  • Create invoices using Pipedrive Products directly
  • See all invoices from Xero/QuickBooks in Pipedrive
  • Check consolidated financial information on customer level

Learn all about the Invoicing feature in Pipedrive in your preferred language.

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Paycove moving my pipedrive deal to won?!?

I used to have it set up in paycove when an invoice was paid, it would move to the "Paid" column in my pipeline. Now it is making the deals "won." I don't want it to make the deals won automatically. Is there a way to turn that off?

CRM Requirments

Hi community wanted to see if I could get some help in the following requirments our business has when it comes to a CRM. We are evaluation other options too (SFDC, Superoffice, Hubspot). I personally prefer Pipedrive but wanted to see if anyone had advice on the stuff below:

  • Tracking customer documents in the same place. Offers, quotes and signed documents?
  • Chat support webforms? Is anyone using the built in drifter?
  • Ticketing system - customer support? Any tools to recommend, SupportBee, Fresh Desk or Jira?
  • Invoicing - seeing which customers have paid etc? Moving the deal stage automatically? We have... (More)