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Accounting & invoicing
Accounting & invoicing
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Beta testers wanted: new version of Xero and Quickbooks integration

Hi everyone, 

We've been making some big improvements to the Invoicing integration features with Xero and Quickbooks, making it easier for you to create invoices using Pipedrive products, creating and linking contacts, and giving you the option to pull in aggregated info and invoices created in Xero or Quickbooks. 

Right not we're looking for keen beta testers to try out this new version of the feature and provide us with feedback. Please drop us a line to to be included.

Looking forward to sharing this with you! 

Getting Monsum data into Pipedrive

Hi, we want to import any documents related to bookings made in Monsum (our bookkeeping software) to Pipedrive. I'm aware that there is no integration, yet, so I'm looking for a workaround that one of you might be using right now. 

I've already connected the inbox that receives these messages with attachements but Pipedrive seldom recognizes the corresponding deal since e-mail addresses vary. (understandable)

Anyone got any idea or ran into a similar problem?

Rechnen mit Custom Fields / Rechnungen mit PD erstellen

Leider gibt es keine Lösungen bisher mit der im DACH Raum Rechnungen erstellt werden können aus PD heraus. Das einfachste wären die PRODUKTE aber hier ist das Problem  mit Brutto & Netto Beträgen.  INTEGROMAT ist leider auch keine Lösung da hier ständig falsche Werte Berechnet werden..... 

Toll wäre es wenn mit Custom Fields einfache Rechnungen durchgeführt werden könnten wie: 


MENGE * Preis 

Netto RG Betrag * MwSt 

Netto RG + MwSt = RG SUMME 


Dann könnten Rechnungen einfach über eine entsprechende Dokumentenvorlage in PD erstellt werden! 

Quickbooks or Xero integration - or either - any good?

I am looking to purchase one of the invoicing apps (quickbooks or xero) and wondered what everyone's thoughts were on which one to go for, for things like;

cost, ease of use, costs going forward - with growth of business in mind, do any allow more than one user interface, receipts, deposits, payments etc....

I look forward to hearing any responses :)