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Créer des séquences de mail

Bonjour la communauté :) 

Je cherche un moyen de créer des séquences d'email à travers pipedrive.

Aujourd'hui obligé de créer plusieurs activités de rappel puis envoyer les mails 1 à 1. 

Avez vous déjà des automation qui fonctionne? 

D'avance merci :) 

I do sales for a few companies- could I separate campaigns in Pipedrive?

Hi, I was wondering if there is a option to set up a few campaigns and separate all deals as I do sales for a few companies and its getting abit complicated? Thanks!

Sengrid Active Campaign and Pipedrive integration

Do You know any unpaid solution to add contact to Sengrid Active Campaign after trigger inside Pipedrive?


Zapier has not native option

Need to understand the best way to track campaigns & better reporting on labels/tags.

We are trying to track reports on specific sales campaigns and have created tags and labels as a way to go back and create filters for activities on those.  However, from what I have seen, there isn't a great way to report on that without just going in and looking at activities.  

Has anyone come up with a solution for this?  When previously using salesforce at another company, I know that campaigns were attached to leads/opportunities and then could be seen in reporting.  Hoping to understand how to do this in pipedrive! Any feedback is appreciated.