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ActiveDEMAND  is a marketing automation and call tracking platform that integrates seamlessly with Pipedrive.

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We are still improving and adding features to ActiveDEMAND. Here is a list of things we've done so far this year.

Scheduled video posts to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter: This gives you another option to get your message in front of your audience. Video has grown in popularity year over year and gets more engagement and more exposure. And it's easy to schedule videos to your content calendar so you don't forget to post.

Auto-scrape Form Submits: We’ve made it much easier to integrate 3rd party webform submits into your account. There are some limitations so we still recommend that you use ActiveDEMAND forms. But if you can't make changes to the website or you need tracking in a hurry, virtual forms work great.

Countdown Timer: We added a new Countdown Timer widget to the email editor. You can find it on the right side of your editor pop out under Content. If you are promoting an event like a webinar, or the launch of a new product the countdown timer is a great way to make people aware of the expected launch date

ActiveDEMAND Deal tracking: ActiveDEMAND has a deal processing system that will detect deal creation/deal updates within your account. When a deal is detected in Pipedrive, ActiveDEMAND will create a 'shadow deal' within ActiveDEMAND. This deal object that is created within your ActiveDEMAND account will be used to trigger automation within ActiveDEMAND. When the deal changes in Pipedrive, the ActiveDEMAND deal object is updated in your account.

  • Basic Deal configuration is done automatically during CRM integration setup.
  • Use Pipeline and Deal objects and customizable fields... (More)

We've been adding usability improvements recently. Here are a few select updates from this month:

  • Quick add button for adding new contacts, orgs, and Users
  • Updated real time email reporting widget to show bounce and unsubcribes live
  • Campaign loading performance for very large campaigns has been improved
  • We've added a dynamic term field that shows time relative to an appointment start so you can prep people in messaging like this: "Your meeting is at 10, you should consider showing up at 9:30." That "9:30" bit is the appointment time minus 30 mins and is handled by the dynamic term.
  • You can now restrict dynamic number insertion call tracking to specific campaigns. You can filter via utm_source, utm_medium or utm_campaign. This is useful if you're only interested in detailed call tracking for specific ad campaigns
  • Custom field multi-select picker user-interface is improved

Our Integration Partners Step Up To Offer Discounts!

During this time, a lot of us could use a little bit of extra help.

Luckily several of our partners have decided to offer a special discount for users.

If you want to check them out on the Marketplace, head here

The following are all offering a discount:

  • Pipechat
  • JustCall
  • PayCove
  • Gamifier
  • LiveChat
  • FunnelFLARE
  • Helpwise
  • ActiveDEMAND
  • Nectar Desk
  • CircleLoop

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