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Should you change due dates of activities/tasks in a CRM?

Wrote about a burning topic and took an apparently less popular stand:

Workflow Automation: Activity Dates


  1. The Ability to use dates from the deal like "Expected Closing Date" in the Activity.
    1. Use Case: Reminder 2 weeks prior Expected Closing Date to update the date or leave it if still relevant.
  2. Relative Dates like in '2' Weeks on 'Monday'


Marking an event private in outlook does not sync to pipedrive and remains public to the organization. This seems like a bit of an oversight. Is anything being done about this?

Multiple users same appointment

Dear Pipedrive users,


I'm trying to list my colleague in Pipedrive as a co-owner or as a guest for an appointment with a customer. Now I can only list myself or him as the owner of the activity. It's my client and my deal, but I do want the appointment to be on both of us's calendars from Pipedrive. is there any way to get this into the system properly without system contamination?


Kind regars,