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Test out user-experience improvements on the Calendar and Activities!

We invite you to test out improvements on the Calendar and Activity view. Please fill in your account name and registered email address on this form ->

What are the improvements?

  • Quickly access activity information on the calendar
  • Quickly access linked deal, linked person and linked organization information on the Activity view

Why are we doing this?

  • From our data, we see that 70% of the activities clicked on the Pipedrive Calendar view are viewed and saved without editing. We can infer that most activities opened are done so with the purpose of only seeing more information on... (More)

Call Activity - not reached calls

Hi Guys, not sure if this is already in another Chat, but we would appreciate the following feature:

My SDRs are calling from Deals they use.
If they dont reach the client, or even another person who couldnt contribute, we would like to set a specific field at the call itself, before we mark it as "completed" such like "not reached" or something like that.
This would be a trigger to set another call automatically the next day in this deal.
So we hang up, save the call and the next activity would be set automatically and my SDR can... (More)

Be able to send automatization emails to the guests of an activity meeting you created. For example to remind them of the appointment

Checkbox Style Activities

I'd like to request some type of checkbox style activity please. the reason is, to get a vehicle delivered, there is lots of paperwork to be done prior to the delivery date and sometimes things get missed which causes delivery delays. Is there a way to get a task where there is checkbox style (similar to Trello)