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파이프드라이브 가이드: 엑셀 스프레드시트에서 데이터 가져오기

질문: 기존 영업정보가 들어있는 엑셀 스프레드시트가 있는데, 이걸 파이프드라이브에 올리려면 어떻게 해야 하나요.

답변: 다음 네이버 블로그 포스트 참고하세요.

파이프라인 관리 팁: 엑셀, 스프레드시트를 사용하여 파이프드라이브로 데이터 가져오기(마이그레이션) 



Make contact notes searchable so that you can filter for contacts that have or have not a note attached to them

I mean the notes that are added like activities. 


Currently you cannot filter for those.

Adam Janaway
Senior Operations Manager

Bulk add activities from deals filtered in list view.

Hi !

To bulk add activities to deals I currently have to export an excel and then re-import. The alternative would be creating an automation with a data field. Both of these seem like work arounds and can be time consuming.

It would be great if when filtering deals using the list view, I could add an activity similar to how the bulk edit/mailing feature already works.

e.g. I filter a group of deals, select the ones I wish to 'Edit' and have an option for 'Add activity'.

Use case examples:

1. A new product becomes available, and I want... (More)