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Parse Natural Language To Accelerate Activity Creation

I have a suggestion to make the activity creation process more efficient that its current form (i.e., having to "fill out a form/UI fields" individually is time consuming/slow).

When I'm in a meeting with a customer, I'm taking quick, live notes. For example: "Follow Up on Acme Decision with John Doe at 3:30-4p tomorrow"

My preference would be for Pipedrive to parse the natural language to accelerate activity creation from the search bar and from the yellow notes field.

Here are two flows:

  1. I'd like to be able to use the search bar to type "Follow Up on Acme Decision... (More)

파이프드라이브 가이드: 활동은 어떻게 추가하나요.

질문: 파이프드라이브 처음 사용하는데, 거래는 어떻게 추가하나요.

답변: 활동을 추가하려는 거래를 열고... (More)

Is it possible to create Automation based on an Activity?

I'd like to know if its possible to create Automation based on a activity being created. I'm aware Zapier could achieve this, just wanted to see if it can be done within Pipedrive first

when my activit was born?

Hi guys,

today I was calling for some leads and for a moment I think "wait, I already Rescheduled this activit sometimes" this moment I notice that I don't have how to know when I created this activity

I ask in the chat but they still have no answer for this question, how did you guys manege this? Only in memory? hope not lol

after I road this text, Madalena from chat awnser me that I can see this data in the insights tab, but I still think it will be better if we can se in the activity just... (More)