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Amit SardaPipedrive Expert
Pipedrive Expert |

You can set up an automation to create the next activity when the previous one is marked done.

Martin Fearnley
VP International Sales

Organization/Contact Insights

Hi... I'm needing to run reports on Organizations and contacts added but there doesn't seem to be any way on insights.  Looking at previous requests here its mentioned that it is being developed.  Can you please give an update as this is critical as we grow as a business and we need to track activity.

Amit SardaPipedrive Expert
Pipedrive Expert |

Ability to configure Activity Popup at the Pipeline Stage-level

Currently, I can disable activity popups for the entire pipeline. I would really love the ability to only enable/disable it for specific stages of the pipeline.

Reason: For some stages of the pipeline, I use automation to create the next activity. For others, there is no automation.

Voted for Yes, I need that! Its a basic calendar setting many of us require.

Monday is the start of the week!  (not Sunday)