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Activity Reminders
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Pipedrive should help us to remember to update the due date for each overdue activity

Hi people, I strongly suggest to consider that Pipedrive should help the users to reprogram overdue activities so we always have the activity List with planned actions and not bulked with overdue stuff. How about, the system automatically asking in the morning,  to reprogram the previous day overdue activities so nothing is left behind accidentally ?

Pop Up Reminders

Are we able to add pop up reminders on an action? E.g. if pressing 'export to excel' i'd like to remind the team to check something.

Looooonngg term planning for activities

Can we not add a custom length of time for an automation to set an activity? Right now the longest option is 2 years - but I'd love the option to put 5 or 25 years in the future. 

We work with product that has long shelf lives and need reminders to follow up when the items expire. 

Activities: Pop-up Reminders / Priority Setting

Is PD ever going to add the ability to enable a pop-up reminder for an activity?  Not reminders via email, but a simple pop-up reminder on my desktop if I want it?

Is PD ever going to offer the ability to set the priority for an activity in the activity window:  High, Med-High, Med, low