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Deal Rotting with Activity Scheduled

Does anyone know if there is a way to stop deal rotting when a deal has an activity scheduled?

I have an action to call in 2 weeks but deal rotting is set up for 3 days

If not is there a option for developers to look at adding a option when setting the deal rotting to say 'Exclude Deals with Activities Set' this would be really helpful so that they do not keep rotting

Thanks so much xx

Activity by colour??

Is it possible to put tasks as different colours in the pipedrive activity calendar view - I am using it to assign resources to projects at the moment and I would like the ability to put a line in that is red for example when one of the resources is on holiday - they are all being added as blue and only differentiator is the icon which isn't enough?

Marked acitivity shows up again

Whenever I mark an activity as "done" the very same activity shows up again

Can somebody help? 


Thank you Matthias

Pop Up Reminders

Are we able to add pop up reminders on an action? E.g. if pressing 'export to excel' i'd like to remind the team to check something.