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Activity Reminders
Activity Reminders
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Merge fields in activities

Hi, Can you make it so that the calendar reminders contain the name or company name so that my calendar is not full of 10 entries that all say Call?


Josh Novak
CMO of Visible Lawyer

Email Open / Link Click = Create Activity

Sooooo been looking around for a while and this seems like a very simple problem but cannot find a solution. 

All I want to do is assign a contact an activity (i.e. call them) after a link click or email open...

Is this really not possible in Pipedrive??

Tony Matthews
Senior Account Manager

Please stop the activity covering the useful information

when you are in a contact and click to edit the activity the box pops up in the middle of the screen. This covers over the phone number you want to dial.

It would be really good if the edit activity box could float, as there is a lot of blank space on the right it could move to. Not being able to see the phone number is a bit of a pain