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Activity Reminders
Activity Reminders
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Daily activity reminders

Is it just me, or maybe a setting, but I get activity reminders 2 or 3 times every day. At the same time in the morning. It sends the same message. Thoughts?


Multiple Activity Reminders every morning

Hello, everyone. This is my first post. I hope it's not a duplicate of someone else's post!

My issue: Every day, just after 7am, I get my Activity Reminder email message. I used to get just one (1) copy. However, since about May 3, I've been getting three (3) copies. They all are addressed to my one and only email address and they look exactly the same. They all come from "Pipedrive <>" and are mailed by ""

Is anyone else experiencing this or know why this might be?


Edie Mew
Pipedrive Partner - Evolve

Is it possible to create Automation based on an Activity?

I'd like to know if its possible to create Automation based on a activity being created. I'm aware Zapier could achieve this, just wanted to see if it can be done within Pipedrive first

when my activit was born?

Hi guys,

today I was calling for some leads and for a moment I think "wait, I already Rescheduled this activit sometimes" this moment I notice that I don't have how to know when I created this activity

I ask in the chat but they still have no answer for this question, how did you guys manege this? Only in memory? hope not lol

after I road this text, Madalena from chat awnser me that I can see this data in the insights tab, but I still think it will be better if we can se in the activity just... (More)