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Activity Reminders
Activity Reminders
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Okresowe zadania po sprzedaży

Sprzedaje usługi w formie umów o stałej współpracy. Końcem procesu sprzedaży jest dla mnie pierwsza faktura. 

Jak radzicie sobie z pilnowaniem działań okresowych, np fakturowanie, raporty itp, dla zakończonych sprzedaży? 


Go directly to pipedrive from activities in calender

Hey everyone, 

Wouldnt it be great to be able to click on an activity generated in your google (or other synced) agenda from pipedrive and go directly to pipedrive and to the lead or deal in question?  just thinking that would be nice ;), what do you think?

Thanks, Darin

Bulk edit button on deal level

At the moment it's only possible to bulk edit activities on de activities page. Would be great if you are able to bulk delete activities on a deal page as well. 


Activity Automation

Option when lead/contact replies to an email or call, rest of the activity is automatically canceled/deleted. Workflow Automation do not yet support email as triggers conditions for actions, but would be a useful thing.