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Activity Reminders
Activity Reminders
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Activity after email

The option exists to schedule a follow-up activity after a call. It would be nice if there was the ability to schedule a follow-up activity after sending an email . 

Amit SardaPipedrive Expert
Pipedrive Expert |

Thoughts on disabling activity popup

I captured my thoughts on the new feature (not public yet):


Appreciate feedback from the community.

Vladimír Gábor
Pipedrive fan and user

BUG: insert image from cliboard into Activity reminder

Hi, inserting image from clipboard into activity reminder looks like is working, but after saving the activity, it disapper.

It should save it, or not even allow to insert. (I vote for save. :-)


Workflow automation: Automatic Reminders


I've created an workflow automation for a 3 days automatic reminder. Every time we mark an activity as done, it creates a new activity automatically for in 3 days.

I've configured 3 days, tried with skip weekends and whatnot. Not successful.

I'd like to implement 3 'business days' as the due date of the activity. So for example, on Thursday I mark it as done, theoretically - Sunday it is due. This is pushed to Monday because of the skip weekends feature. This means there was 1 workday (Friday) in between. When we mark it as done on Friday,... (More)