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Acuity Scheduling
Acuity Scheduling
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Does Acuity two-way sync with Pipedrive?

My leads are generated via Pipedrive. Can I sync from Pipedrive to Acuity to send appointment reminders versus leads generated in Acuity syncing to Pipedrive?

Two-way calendar sync problem

Hi all!

I enabled two-way sync with my Outlook and  suddenly facing the problem, that all internal meetings scheduled with outlook are added to Pipedrive as activities. I find it quite annoying, because deleting an activity in pipedrive e.g. daily kick-off, automatically sends a cancellation via outlook.

Do you have any hints how to overcome this?:/ 

Thanks in advance!!


No end point for contact address


So I'm trying to use Zapier to import contact/activity details from Acuity Scheduling.  But for some unknown reason I'm told it's not possible to import a contacts' address.  Seems crazy to me that you can get name, email address and phone details but a physical address is a no no...

Anyone have a work around?  The main reason I'm using Acuity is the ability to schedule reminder emails and text messages