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Aircall allows you to instantly add call center features to Pipedrive, automatically log your calls and get the data you need right before taking the call.

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Nirmal Gyanwali
Sydney Based Web Developer

What's the best calling app to integrate in Pipedrive in Australia?

I had a look at the marketplace and had a chat with a few companies but had a bit difficulties to find out the app that's more suitable for Australian businesses. 

Let me know if you anyone has experience with this.

Best phone calling integrations

What is the best option for making calls out of Pipedrive

1. Kixie
2. Aircall
3. Other

I currently use the iPhone app and it’s awesome. But I am hiring 1 or 2 people to make Dials and it would be awesome to have it set up correctly and ready to go.


Has anyone figured out a simple version of using Pipedrive like the software Outreach for cadences?

Could it be possible in the future to filter on Call Outcome?

Hi guys,

When my sales team makes calls they can log their calls after they are finished. In the 'Call Outcome' section they can specify what the outcome of the call was. For example 'no answer' or 'gatekeeper reached'.

It would be really valuable if i could filter on that data. So I could easily see, out of all the calls in one particular week, how many had 'no answer' or 'gatekeeper reached'.

Does anyone know an alternative way of making this possible for now? We use Aircall for calling.

Nicholas Vasconcellos | WeCare Seguros
Head of WeCare Seguros - insurance brokers

Call Automation - pop-up dialer

I'd like to ask the dev team to think with me to get a solution to my problem. I already told with the support, Miguel was awesome and invited me to come here ask the product team. Here it's:

Imagine you got a new lead of your campaign or webform. He need your attention, right?

Today my scenario is click-2-call in pipedrive (awesome feature), but - no one and no feature reminds the salesman or the caller more vigoursly that need. The common answer is busy table of work.

My ideal cenario is:

> new lead or scheduled call event... (More)