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πŸŽ₯ How to customize your notifications, follow topics and join channels in the Community.


Any Airtable users in here? Thinking about using Airtable as a central "lite" contact manager that handles cross-platform attribution, tags, etc.

It gets freaking expensive to manage all contacts (including dormant contacts) in an ESP, plus I can't find an ESP that manages contacts that don't have email addresses. #internetfail

I would use PipeDrive as that contact manager, but PipeDrive doesn't integrate with my whole stack, such as data cleansers and what not.

Automatically create deals/leads from Facebook ads

Ok... Trying to run FB Lead Ads that add the respondents to Pipedrive, then create a Deal for them so we can follow up to schedule (and show up for) a consult.

For you automation gangsters... would this be a multi-step Zap?
Lead Ad to "Find or Create Person" in PD
Create Deal in PD

Does this seem logical and will it limit dupes? (Any reason to also add to a Google Sheet or Airtable?)
Is there a slicker way?