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Product Conversion - Insights

Hi Pipedrive, 

Could you advise on when Insights will give the functionality of reporting on conversion rates vs. products please?

Products has been great for us and gives us the ability to streamline the number of pipelines we have, rather than having pipelines based on product. However, in its current form we can get conversion rates per pipeline, but not against Products, so this is holding us back. 

Look forward to hearing back. 


See average time per stage

Hi, I would like to know if anyone knows any platform or way that I can know the average time in minutes of the client is in the business stages.
I saw that this data is saved in the api, but I am not finding any way to achieve this.

Comment trackez-vous les formulaires sur GTM ou Google analytics ?

Bonjour à tous, 


petite question du jour ! 

Comment faites-vous pour tracker les infos des formulaires sur votre GTM ou votre Google analytics ? 


Bonne journée, 

Insight Reports - Export Option?

First off it's great that we can export reports from insights into excel/csv, but it's clunky. You have to click into each item on a graph to be able to get info and export it from there.

There's a table right below the graphs that literally has ALL OF THIS INFO already organized but that can't be exported for some reason. It would have saved me a few hours being able to download and use this data instead of clicking into each bar graph, exporting, and then migrating all data into a central excel file