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Lead Assignments by Region or Country

Hi there! I have sales teams in different countries. How are you assigning Deal owner and pipeline for the UK vs. US? They'd be an English form, but a different owner. Normally I would do that using a country pull down menu, but the address field is all merged and doesn't have a country field. 


How to get the Web Visitors to work on gatsby site?

I am trying to track the website by adding the script it mentioned on my site. I tried it locally and by hosting the site on netlify as well but nothing is showing up in the dashboard. It's been about 24 hours already but no data at all. The script is showing in <head/> . Is embedding the script enough? or do we need to do additional setup by calling methods or functions? Let me know.

Thanks in advance. Also i could not find anything except this link. Please if there is any other documentation to get it working... (More)

Jan Bons
Sales Consultant / Owner

Data in leads vs data in deals, I don't get it

Please help me with the following problem.

I put a lead in leads. Then I search for the person in pipedrive. I can't see anywhere if this person is a lead. So I make a deal with this person (and organization). I can't see this deal with this person in Leads.

So I have a person and organization with a deal and the same person in leads.

Is it me or ....

Measuring leads added to pipe - any ideas how?

Hi Everyone,

A key metric for us is: What percentage of leads (from Leads Inbox) enter our sales pipeline?

Pipedrive support have sadly said they don't have a way to measure this, but are planning to add Lead reports options to Insights.

So...I thought to turn to the community! Does anyone have a hack to measure this in Pipedrive?