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63 Essential Sales Statistics for 2021 📊

Has there ever been a time in sales like this?
Has there ever been a time in sales like this?

Not only have sales reps been working from home, but companies have had to shift to remote selling and adapt techniques so sales reps can reach their quotas from anywhere.


Check out these 63 essential sales statistics for salespeople in 2021 and learn more about how the sales industry has changed (in large part due to COVID-19), what the day-to-day life of a sales rep looks like, what buyers want from salespeople and much more.

How to calculate sales volume variance and why it’s important 📈

Harvesting and analyzing data about your sales process helps you to understand where you’re succeeding and the bottlenecks slowing you down. One of the best ways to combine your data is to form sales forecasts, which help you understand if you’re seeing a period of growth or falling short of your expectations.

One metric that can feed into your sales forecasting is sales volume variance. By working out your sales volume variance, you can delve deeper into your revenue data, extracting important insights about how external factors influence the sales of your product and also see where... (More)

How to calculate incremental sales and what it means for your business 📈

Marketing is all about supporting and improving sales outcomes. By measuring incremental sales, marketing teams, sales managers and business owners can better understand the success of their promotional sales and marketing activity and direct future investment accordingly.

With the pandemic receding, spending on advertising worldwide is expected to resume its growth trajectory and surpass $630 billion USD in 2024. To help you make the most of your sales and marketing budgets, this guide will break down the question of what is incremental sales by examining why it’s such an important number to measure, how to calculate it and what to... (More)

Pipedrive Video Integration?

Hello all, I am new here. Can you suggest a Pipedrive-Video integration where I can embed Videos to emails campaigns in Pipedrive and then track video analytics as to how many people viewed the video!