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Lead to Deal through APIs.

It is possible to convert a lead into a deal using APIs? 


Question: API to send emails with tracking


I'm wondering whether Pipedrive provides an API to send emails with tracking.

(Some clients wants an automated email sending with tracking features.)

See average time per stage

Hi, I would like to know if anyone knows any platform or way that I can know the average time in minutes of the client is in the business stages.
I saw that this data is saved in the api, but I am not finding any way to achieve this.

Analysing the sales process - days per stage per deal


We are analysing our sales process on a granular level, one of our goals was to see in a comparable way how long individual deals stayed at different stages of our sales pipeline.

I was surprised to see that it's not possible to export this data as the info is there at every deal page on the green pipeline at the top.  It would help a lot if this data was available to export as it's not a realistic option to collect all this manually.

I hope that an update in the future will solve this.