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Pipedrive API : How to handle Persons existence?


what is the general coding paradigm for handling the existence of a Person?
What is the implementation in webforms?


First Person is a backer and the second one is a musician:

John Smith 
phone: 1234567

John Smith 
address: Some Street IN, London


Creating deals of past sales

We wanted to transfer the past two years of sales data to pipedrive (around 20000 sales) with over 600 different products. However I saw I cannot import Deal + Products by excel. And I cannot import deals and then import the products associated to those deals.

Has someone done anything remotely similar? if you have how didi you do it?

Kind regards

Martin Pecha
Growth Manager at COGVIO

LinkedIn field should be default field to get the same API ID for all clients.

Hi, I have a suggestion, that there should be a default field named LinkedIn in Pipedrive. I sometimes automate processes via API on behalf of other Pipedrive users from different companies and it bothers me, that there is no default LinkedIn field. I have to manually find the custom field and it creates an issue when I automate processes for other people.