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Pipedrive and API connection


I've made a connection between Pipedrive and It is based on an API.

Script is in Python. It Synchronizes products from Mintsoft with Pipedrive for 3 warehouses on two continents.

Our script imports products from Mintsoft to Pipedrive. Only products with specified categories are synchronized. Name, sku, price, quantity in 3 warehouses, description, link to image, category.

When a product is added to a deal, the script makes an order in Mintsoft and puts products on hold.

Based on documents template users can create in Pipedrive a purchase confirmation with clickable links / images. Then sends it to... (More)

API - A deals history

I am not too sure how others may do this but we have found some issues when mapping a deal's historic performance.

This includes how a deal moves along each stage and to and from each pipeline. As I am sure many use Pipedrive across multiple teams, it was our ambition to track how deals move along each stage, the duration in each stage and this would add a new row to a table. However Pipedrive's current API only follows its journey forwards, if for some reason the deal moves back then it is not possible to track via API.... (More)

Bug: leadLabel API endpoint is not working

I tried{myKeyCensored}
and it returned error:
{"success":false,"errorCode":500,"error_info":"Please check"}

endpoint is probably not running at all :( ?

Tom - Data Analyst
Data Analyst - Javascript / kotlin / Apps Script Developer

Does anyone know how we can get the product ID by looking up a deal with the API. I need to pull a deal and find the attached product.