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Lead API feature request: find lead(s) on Person and/or Organisation ID

TLDR?: Request API option to find lead on Org ID and/or Person ID

Hi team, great to see the progress on the API's, esp for Leads which we're embracing.

I have a request (following some open issues in the dev-channel): Can you please allow for an endpoint to get Lead(s) by either Person or Organisation ID. Or something functionally the same (e.g. query the Person/organisation by ID, to get that entities' connected Leads objects)

Scenario: Some one signs up in one of our channels, thus becoming a lead for us. Now, it is very doable for us to then... (More)

API Token is not Valid

Hello. Our web developer is trying to use our API to integrate our website contact forms with Pipedrive, but when the API and Pipedrive URL is entered into the integration settings, he gets the error API Token is not Valid. Has anyone else come across this, and know how to resolve it?

Thank you

Is there some way to revert an update that occurred?

The PieSync API did a crazy update last Friday changing all owners for our organizations.  is there a way to somehow undo all those inside of Pipedrive.  They are all marked in the Update column as being done by the API.

Pipedrive API automation 'glitch.' - Changing deal stages

I have been having an issue with Pipedrives workflow automation tool. To me the rules here are straight forward - I have a deal which when moved to 'Check/Send Contract' AND the org name matches ANY of the listed organisations in the conditions then the deal will move to another stage called 'Under Consideration.'

Now the problem is that 100% of the time it does move from from Check/Send Contract to Under Consideration .... BUT 20% of the time its moving from Check/Send to Under Consideration and then flicks back to Check/Send to go to Under Consideration again. Effectively the... (More)