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Pipedrive data to Google sheets connector



I want to send pipedrive data (basically send the data from certain filters) over to google sheets for our sales database so that I can make a google datastudio dashboard that combines other datasets like marketing info. We can't build using the api bc it's too time costly for our engineers. 


any add-on recommendations? We don't want to pay for a dashboard- just a connector.


Asking for Advice||Suggestion: Automatic translation of Single Option Values in API


I've noticed, that  API call (/api/v1/deals) for Single Option Value custom fields doesn't return the original value, but some generated numer string like "12" or "13" or "14".


It there any way to have the original values put in the API response automatically and don't have to map this generated numbers to original values later? How can I do it?

Unleashed API

HI There,

I'm trying to integrate my Pipedrive with Unleashed.  They have an API available but their support team came back with the below.  I'm not sure how to go about this.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Basic products sold booking system

Does PD allow you to input products sold data with or without an API? we sell various software solutions for periods of time and we want to record in PD and use this data for forecast reports and invoicing.