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Discuss sales apps & integrations available both inside and outside of our Marketplace.

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I am excited about Pipedrive but worried about missing integrations to Dinero, e-conomic or even woocommerce. And maybe language support / localization. Is pipedrive interested in Denmark at all?  ;-)

Organizing the contract negotiation process

I posted this recently in another category but go no responses. Let me know if anyone can help:

I've been using pipedrive for few months now. I'm trying to figure out if there's a way to do this in pipedrive or if there is another app that I can use to keep track of contract negotiations.

For example, buyer offers $100, then seller counters $150, then buyer makes new counter of $125..... I'd like to have all the offers and counters side by side in chronological order. Its not only the price, but also the terms in each contract that... (More)

WhatsApp in Pipedrive

Have anyone got a good WHATSAPP integration with Pipedrive? We have finished a good and simple intergration to lauch Whatsapp directly in Pipedrive. Anyone that needs it just send me a message.