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Hi, it seems that pipechat stopped from working. @Daniele

Xero Integration, Invoice field data missing


We are having issues with Xero invoicing within Pipedrive. 

We create an invoice but the contact details (name, address etc) won't populate into the fields in the Xero app within Pipedrive. 

Frustrating and time consuming to manually enter. Hopefully we can find a fix here?

Thank you.


Come celebrate our good news 😍

Outplay has raised 2 million dollars in seed funding from Sequoia.

For those who don’t know about Outplay, we provide businesses with a sales engagement platform that helps sales teams plan, execute, track, measure, and optimize interactions between companies and their prospects across various channels.

I remember getting actively involved in this community when it was launched. And now a year later, we are the highest rated Sales Engagement tool in the Pipedrive Marketplace, that our customers love!

I want to appreciate & spotlight @Mike van der Valk & @Inês Batata for your enthusiastic support. Pipedrive has been a... (More)

John Marsh
Business Broker | M&A Advisor

Trouble with Zapier > Outlook email to create a person in PD and a deal

Hi Pipedrivers - I'm trying to set up a zap that will create a person and an deal when I get an email from a specific email address in outlook. I was able to set the trigger and action, but I'm having trouble mapping the data from the body of the email into "3. Create person in pipedrive" from the outlook email. Any suggestions for support either here or on zapier to troubleshoot?