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‘’It’s getting harder and harder to book meetings with prospects’’

This is what Patricia - a Pipedrive customer, discovered when they started doing Outbound. Patricia works as a salesrep in a SaaS company called Customeer which does Marketing Automation.

They wanted a tool to scale outbound. A tool to automatically take prospects from :


 After trying out a few tools, they landed on Klenty - the first and only Intent-based Sales Engagement Platform.

"One person with two hands cannot do it, but one person with Klenty can get 5 meetings booked per week"

Want to know how? Click here.

Facebook Lead Ads to Pipedrive cannot add person details

hello community I need your assistance. I am running Facebook lead ads campaigns and collecting some deal-related information and person-related information ( email phone etc). However when I create a deal I cannot push person-related info. I may either create a deal or a person, but how can I merge or create all of them with one zap?


Xero integration

When using Xero integration and linking contacts that exist on Xero's side, the contact info should not be overwritten.


This could allow billing options to be properly added to organisations, or, not force this overwriting of data.