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🎥 How to customise your notification preferences, follow topics and join channels in the Sales Community.


I would start using it right away. I need to know the utm_source!


Search for OPEN deals only in Zapier?

Hey! I am trying the "Find Deal in Pipedrive" action in Zapier.

For testing purposes I have a contact person with 2 deals:

  1. Lost 
  2. Open

When I use "Find Deal in Pipedrive" I only get 1 deal (the LOST one). 

That's pretty useless. I want to add info to the OPEN deal, but I cannot get it.

When I use the "Find or Create Persin in Pipedrive" it only shows the number of deals (open, lost etc.) but not the IDs. 

Anyone can help?

Seeking Advice: Text messaging

Hi, I'd like to be able to send text messages to leads to invite them to the next stage of the pipeline. I have leads coming in from around the world. What services would you use which integrate with Pipedrive?


How to centrally document country-specific information and link it to applicable organisations?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has found a way to document in-depth country-specific information, like demographics, market trends, etc.? I would like this country information to be automatically linked to organisation pages of companies located in that specific country. Like that, there is one central country page to complement with information continuously, showing the relevant information on all applicable organisation pages.

I would like to make use of tables, hyperlinks, formatting tools (bold, italic, underline), pictures, etc. when documenting the country information. This isn't possible when making use of custom fields.

Finally, it would be great if the country... (More)