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Changing order of notes

Hello, I'd like to ask, if it is possible to change order of received and sent notes/emails at Contacts/Organizations. Now, the newest are displaying at the top and I need to reverse it, so that the oldest are displaying at the top. I want to summarize what was the the way of contacting each company and to analyze which channel is the most efficient. Now, to see the oldest notes, I have to manually scroll several years of conversation with each company to get to the bottom, which is wildly inefficient. 

Does any of you know a better way to do this? :)

Does this work in the UK?

Microsoft Teams Integration

Unfortunately, the way Pipedrive populates a Microsoft Teams invites makes it completely worthless. It is too ugly to send to a client.

Below images compare Pipedrive-side creation vs Outlook-side creation. Unless there is some kind of legal issue that precludes Pipedrive from creating an MS Teams invite exactly as the below image, I'm not sure why it wouldn't.

Because of this problem, the workflow of creating an MS Teams meeting that is synced to Pipedrive is quite wonky. You have to first create the activity, let it sync, then edit the activity in Outlook. As opposed to just doing all of this in Pipedrive.

Now a Pipedrive rep may mention that we can use two way sync. Unfortunately, two way sync is primarily useless (as mentioned in many posts in this forum.) 

Pipedrive Version
Pipedrive Version
Outlook Version
Outlook Version

Automated Email/Campaign Sequecences for Deals

Hey folks.. quick question about what Pipedrive is planning to do regarding automated email sequences for deals. 

I've been impressed with the SMS and email sequences that can be built out in 

Anyone know what's going to be possible with first release?