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Discussion about Asana, one of the web’s most successful project management tools, and is widely used by teams ranging from logistics to customer support.

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Coming soon: Asana workflow automations ⚙️

We are happy to announce that Asana integration will be added to workflow automations, providing yet more opportunities to connect Pipedrive and Asana. 

What will I be able to do with it?

  • Access to more action and event combinations, and filtering possibilities that include Asana
  • Support for both Deals and Leads
  • Support for automations for multiple pipelines


Please note: Pipedrive reserves the right to modify and update the features announced in the What's planned? topic, and does not communicate exact timelines for delivery.

Subtasks for deals that have complex tasks

I would love to have the ability to create subtasks for tasks.

Subtasks would have a checkbox so I could track which one's I already did and which one's to do. 

Does anyone know any posibble app that could to this, or would be ready to be integrated?

Thank you!

Task/Project Management within Pipedrive

@Mike van der Valk 

As we close a deal, there are a lot of post sale activities we also have to perform to deliver the product or service.

Instead of using a separate tool such as Asana or Clickup. Can a task or project management capability be built in to Pipedrive? 

I understand that to some, the delivery part is done by another team and they can simply use a separate task management tool.

But having the sales and delivery activities managed in one system can make everything so simple and transparent, whether both function are done by the same person or done by different team, they'll have better visibility when you integrate the 2 function.

Hope we can have a built in task/project/delivery management capability within Pipedrive. Thanks.

Asana Action in Workflow Automation, same as Trello

So the new workflow automation is really awesome!

As an Asana power user, it would be really helpful if we could have it trigger Asana Actions just like Trello.