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Discussion about Asana, one of the web’s most successful project management tools, and is widely used by teams ranging from logistics to customer support.

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ASANA Integration

Is there any talk regarding the ASANA integration? Right now it seems like there is only one connection allowed between Pipedrive and ASANA. For example, it is only allowing us to connect one pipeline, but we would like to connect all of ours.

Pipedrive / Asana - Two Way Integration


Using Asana is great for adding quick tasks for different team members. Pipedrive is great to have an overview of all the interactions with a specific client.

It would be great to see a feature where we can integrate Pipedrive and have the information from Asana (task completion date, task title, subtasks, notes, etc) being fed back to Pipedrive (as a note or activity).

Bringing task management and CRM together would be so powerful!

Thank you.

PS: Also open to suggestions of other apps (Asana might not be the best to integrate with pipedrive) that we could use for... (More)

John Cress
Lead Client Services Manager

Pipedrive/Asana Integration

Currently, the information that can be transferred is with the Asana Integration from Pipedrive is:

Deal - Title

Deal - Value

Person details

Organization details

Pinned notes


Is it possible to update the integration to include Deal Details as well? These are often the most important details of the deal from our team and would love to see them get included in the integration to carry over in Asana when a deal is created.