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Ask me anything

Dive into past, recent and future "ask me anything" sessions with interesting people in Sales, Pipedrive and other fields of business

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How can I change a user's email address

Chinese version?

Do you have the Chinese version?

Dax Whitehouse
Principal / Senior Advisor

Internal Call Reports and Actions

I am new to Pipedrive and may be missing this feature. Can Pipedrive be used for internal distribution of call reports and actions, basically internal summaries of an important customer interaction of which others in the organization need to know about and/or respond to with actions? 


Webinar Recording: 'Ask Me Anything: Building and maintaining sales stack'

Please join us in our second AMA session, this time with Dan Murphy and Tim Berman, 2 salespeople that decided to take it upon themselves to build the first Pipedrive community (in Facebook). 

This AMA will focus on building marketing and sales tech-stack. Determining the framework necessary depending on the type of sales plan you wish to go with (B2C, SMB, mid-market, enterprise) and the tools and processes the 2 of them have found to work best.