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Ask Me Anything (AMA)
Ask Me Anything (AMA)

Dive into past, recent and future "ask me anything" sessions with interesting people in Sales, Pipedrive and other fields of business.

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Change the language of meeting planner invitations to spanish


We would like to change the language of the invitation to spanish. 

The pasted phrase it's in english: 

"See my schedule and book a time here."


Addon Webbesucher

Hallo zusammen, ich nutze die Funktion Webbesucher, würde dieses Tool aber gerne auf zwei verschiedenen Domains zum Einsatz bringen. Weiß jemand von Euch von einer Möglichkeit wie man das umsetzen kann?Viele Grüße Mike

Webinar Recording: 'Ask Me Anything: Building and maintaining sales stack'

Please join us in our second AMA session, this time with Dan Murphy and Tim Berman, 2 salespeople that decided to take it upon themselves to build the first Pipedrive community (in Facebook). 

This AMA will focus on building marketing and sales tech-stack. Determining the framework necessary depending on the type of sales plan you wish to go with (B2C, SMB, mid-market, enterprise) and the tools and processes the 2 of them have found to work best.

RECORDING: “Ask Me Anything” Live Series: Ask Questions From Experts in the Sales/Marketing Industry

Here is the recording of the first AMA (Ask Me Aything) session. 

Who: Pipedrive CEO, @Timo Rein and Global Head of Customer Success, Gustavo Bianco

Thank you everyone who participated. Questions that were not answered, will be addressed in the comment section of this post.