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[Feature Request] Automation trigger for Smart Docs signing

The smart docs eSignatures are a great way to streamline clients' signing on proposals and quotes.

However currently we can't get a trigger from Pipedrive (either in Workflow automation or via API / Zapier / Integromat) when a document has been signed.

Having such an automation trigger will enable to kickstart onboarding workflows automatically once a contract has been signed by all parties inside Pipedrive.

Could anyone else make use of such an automation trigger?

Cascading updates with workflow

Changing owner on a deal you can use workflow to set the deal owner to also own the associated organisation and become owner of the one person associated with the deal. (See below)

But not the other way around, using changing the owner of an organisation to also own for example all open deals and all contacts associated with that organisation.

The missing piece here is that workflow can only work with "One" related item to change. A deal only has one organisation associate. An organisation can have many deals and also many contacts associated.

Would be nice if workflow... (More)

Proofreading and chosing email templates before sending


Is there a way to have an intermediate stage in the mail sending automation in which we could proofread and/or chose between different models of mail?


Thanks in advance