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New: Workflow Automation 2.0 is live! (gradual rollout) 🦾🤖

WA 2.0: When the trigger is met the steps are executed sequentially, in top-down order.
WA 2.0: When the trigger is met the steps are executed sequentially, in top-down order.

For whom?

  • Advanced, Professional and Enterprise plan.
  • Gradual rollout starting May 12th

What can I do with it?

  • benefit from more user-friendly look and feel
  • create automated sequences
  • add custom due dates to Activity actions
  • use merge fields in Activity notes
  • duplicate and upgrade WA 1.0 workflows to the new 2.0 version

What's planned for the future?

  • Wait steps
  • Date-based triggers


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Ken L.
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Can we automate adding new recurring revenue ?


We are a sport leisure center and our billing is based on annual subscriptions. We'd like to track which "plan" our customers are on and when it expires. 

Is it possible to do that with the recurring revenue feature ?

Can we automate with a Pipedrive workflow to add a new subscription to a deal (including amount, start date, recurring cycle, ...) ? 
Any other solutions ?

Update Contact on pipedrive with integromat

Hi 👋 


I have a website (Bubble) and I'd like to update my contacts when they do in my website.

I tried using Integromat, but it needs the user ID of the contact to update. The only way I found to get this user ID is to list all contacts then filter by email...

It asks around 5k operations on Integromat, there must be an easier way ?



Thanks !!!