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Bruno Leite
Resolvendo problemas diariamente.

Tarefa atrelada a Data

Boa tarde a todos! Gostaria de saber qual recurso estão utilizando para suprir a falta da Automatização de poder criar uma tarefa com base na data, tentarei exemplificar o que digo:

Proposta enviada no dia 01/04/2021, e em 8 dias corridos ela não terá mais validade, ou seja, em 09/04/2021 ela perde a validade e não consigo atrelar uma tarefa para simbolizar isso. 

Utilizam algum outro método? E desculpe se há o recurso e não tenho encontrado. 

Clean-up and classify our existing Pipedrive data/leads

Frequency is looking for short-term contractor to clean-up and classify our existing data/leads in Pipedrive and assist with automating the ingestion of our inbound leads.

Please email me at if this is something that you can help us with. 

Group email automation - Add Pipedrive Calendar Link as a merge field in email templates

We use the same email sequence for automation across all users with the same templates- however, each user has to make their own automations and email templates in order to have their unique Pipedrive scheduling link. This could be easily streamlined by having the pipedrive calendar link as a dynamic field in templates. 

New: turn off Activity pop-ups for Workflow Automations 🙅


Currently Workflow Automations and auto-generated follow-up activity pop-ups are duplicating functionalities: they serve the same function of automating follow-up activities. 

How does it work?

Disable the follow-up activity pop-up when there is an active Workflow Automation that creates an activity.


For whom?

Advanced, Professional, and Enterprise plans with active Workflow Automations. 

Only Admin users can perform this action. All users' Workflow Automations will be affected.


Learn more: 

How can I disable the follow-up activity pop-up?


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