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New: Automate your Leads with Workflow Automation 🤖


Set up automated processes for your Leads, like engagement and qualification, as well as making sure you convert your Leads to Deals or archive them, free of manual admin work.

For whom?

Advanced plan and higher

How does it work?

You can now use Lead-related triggers and actions in Workflow Automations, and of course, workflow automation templates to help you get started!


  • Lead created | Lead updated | Lead deleted


  • Create Lead | Update Lead | Delete Lead | Duplicate Lead
  • Convert Lead to Deal | Convert Deal to Lead

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2way sync Pipedrive Mailchimp GDPR challenge

We get leads from different channels. Some come from people who register on a form (no problem here). But we also target our leads ourselves, and after we have had a meeting with a potential customer we would like to keep them warm by adding them in mailchimp. But we can not add someone to mailchimp without acceptance from the person.

What I would like to do is setup an automation. When a person is added to Pipedrive a standard email is being sent to this person asking them to accept receiving newsletters. I dont want them to fill out... (More)

Calcul automatique utilisant des variables : possible sur Pipedrive ?

Bonjour à tous,

Nous utilisons des champs personnalisés sur un Deal relatif à un professeur de piano donnant des cours à des élèves sur plusieurs jours consécutifs.

Ces champs personnalisés sont les suivants :

- nombre_d_eleves = 4

- taux_horaire = 15

- heures_de_cours_par_jour = 2

- nombre_de_jours = 3

Inutile de préciser que les montants varient en fonction des Deals.

Le but est désormais de compléter le champ tarif_total dont le calcul est le suivant :

- tarif_total = nombre_d_eleves x taux_horaire x heures_de_cours_par_jour x nombre_de_jours

- tarif_total = 4 x 15 x 2 x 3 = 360

Y... (More)

אוטומציות בין סמוב לפייפדרייב

Hi friends!

I want to create automations for creating and / or updating contacts between Pipedrive and Smoove. I want either one to pull data from the other, and update fields or create new contact, if none exists.

My contacts have custom fields. The main one which I am getting a headache from is the events history. I want to be able to know which events(webinars/courses/lectures) a contact attended since the day was first created. I have multiple events and courses going on at once, some are signed up from smoove landing pages, some from embeded smoove forms, others(in the... (More)