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Business-to-business is no one-size-fits-all.

Use this topic to share and learn about marketing plans, how to go digital, sales strategies and ask your peers anything you want related to B2B.

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SaaS Businesses

Hey! Thank you for inviting me. Are there any other SaaS business using PipeDrive? 

⏰ Event: The secret behind the success of the Estonian startup scene, by Startup Hungary | March 18th, 2021

📌 Csongor Biás (Startup Hungary) and Ragnar Sass (Pipedrive, Lift99) sit down for a fireside chat in ClubHouse and discuss the magic recipe that has made so many startups from Estonia succeed worldwide. Enroll here.


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Sales b2b!

revin cu un nou post poate mai activam putin grupul. Cum aveti segmentat procesul de sales B2B?

La noi avem asa:

Partea de calificare are un flow

Partea de sell efectiva alt flow si se bazeaza pe inputul din zona de calificare leaduri.

In cazul nostru b2b media & Hr ce am observat ca functioneaza:

1.segmentarea in functie de price point pana in 1.5-3k si peste. Orice e pana in 1.5(3k) uneori intra intr-un flux de intensitate mai mare. Ce trece de aceasta suma e foarte manual cu sales rep call.

2. inBound pe B2B in zona noastra merge foarte... (More)

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Recap all four levers:

  1. How to add more deals
  2. How to go after larger deals
  3. Plug the leaks in your pipeline
  4. Get the deals flowing faster

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