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In the B2C markets, consumer behavior is the primary driver.

Share and learn what customers want and how to motivate them to make that purchase, how to distinguish your products or services from those of other vendors and ask any questions you want to your peers.

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Is Pipedrive suitable for B2C

Pipedrive instantly jumps out to me as B2B.    Every default phone number or emil address is set to "work" and not "home" ... adding a lead with full name, address and phone number is not straight forward.  I have to create custom fields for Address ... really .. something as simple as address requires a custom field?

Pipedrive is not as intuitive as it likesyou to think.

Or am I just missing something?  Is there a switch I just flick that changes B2B to B2C?  Any help would be gratefully received

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❓ Are you sure you're squeezing all the juice from your community member profile ❓
❓ Are you sure you're squeezing all the juice from your community member profile ❓

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SaaS Businesses

Hey! Thank you for inviting me. Are there any other SaaS business using PipeDrive?