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Deals are recurring customers our team contacts weekly. Best way to set up or automate?

Hey everyone!

We're fairly new to Pipedrive and still in the earlier building stages before we go live. We've been working on set-up and automation, but have been running into a snag.

Our customer accounts order from us weekly, and I'm having trouble getting Deals to work in such a way (as they seem intent on "dropping off" after a deal has been Won or Lost). Ultimately, we want a sales rep to see every Deal as one of their customers, and be able to see what stage that customer is in for that week (Contacted, Preordered new products, Placed... (More)

Webinar: A importñncia de ter um processo para expandir💡

O nosso @Rodrigo Stoqui  conversou com Roberto Viana sobre a importùncia fundamental de ter um processo implementado tanto para a expansão dos negócios quanto para a correção de eventuais problemas que surgirem.

Roberto Viana Ă© sĂłcio da IpĂȘ Digital, startup de soluçÔes tecnolĂłgicas para PME, tambĂ©m atua como Diretor de Inside Sales e Sucesso do Cliente na prĂłpria IpĂȘ.


Veja estes e outros vĂ­deos e subscreva o nosso canal oficial do YouTube. Existe muito conteĂșdo em PortuguĂȘs (BR):

Boas aprendizagens e melhores negócios! 🚀

when to start adding deals

when do you guys start adding deals to your contacts?