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Best Practices
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IF YOU ARE handling a Sales Team - HOW DO YOU: limit your sales reps to NOT change product pricing when adding Product to Deal?

This has been burning my sales process, I handle a team of 12 sales reps. There are always sneaky ones that lower pricing in order to close deals... 

Curious on how you SALES MANAGERS are dealing with this situation?

Manage current customers

Dear all,

I have been searching the knowledge base for how to best manage current customers. My main use for Pipedrive will be managing current client relationship rather than drive new sales.

Can anyone assist me in finding the best way or share experience on how to utilize Pipedrive to best manage current clients. Do you use the pipelines or what?

Best regards from Iceland 

🧠 Empty the Pipeline to Keep It Flowing - Sales Pipeline Course: Chapter 8 | 📽️ 2 mins

A clean pipeline is a healthy pipeline. 

If your pipeline is full of cold leads and non-responsive contacts, it might be time to flush it out. Identify leads that aren't going to close and leads that aren't ready but are worth following up with at a later date. Download our Sales Pipeline Course ebook too!

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Sales b2b!

revin cu un nou post poate mai activam putin grupul. Cum aveti segmentat procesul de sales B2B?

La noi avem asa:

Partea de calificare are un flow

Partea de sell efectiva alt flow si se bazeaza pe inputul din zona de calificare leaduri.

In cazul nostru b2b media & Hr ce am observat ca functioneaza:

1.segmentarea in functie de price point pana in 1.5-3k si peste. Orice e pana in 1.5(3k) uneori intra intr-un flux de intensitate mai mare. Ce trece de aceasta suma e foarte manual cu sales rep call.

2. inBound pe B2B in zona noastra merge foarte... (More)