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Best Practices
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⏰ Webinar: Beautiful reporting, actionable insights | July 28, 2021


Join Pipedrive pro @James Campbell and Product Manager @Seda  for a discussion and Q&A session on how to use our Insights feature to create visual reports that point the way to improve the performance.

Date: Wednesday, July 28th

Time: 7am PCT / 3pm GMT

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Has anyone integrated PipeDrive with Big Commerce?

What does it accomplish for you? How did you do it?

Bexio Pipedrive Connector App - Save time with better marketing automation!

Dear Pipedrive Community,

Until recently, there was no solution for accounting in the German-speaking world on the Pipedrive Marketplace. We spent a long time looking for a reliable integration for Bexio and Pipedrive, tried out various integrations with Zapier, but we ended up having duplicate contacts. Therefore we finally worked on a solution ourselves.

You can install the Bexio Pipedrive Connector app from what. now and automatically create new contacts on Pipedrive.

Here are some of our main functions:

  • creating new contacts in Pipedrive as soon as they are added as a contact in bexio
  • acceptance of changes and updates... (More)

What is a Tire Kicker? How to Spot Them and Avoid Them ⚠️ 🥾

The term tire kicker started out as a reference to people who visit car dealerships frequently, kick the tires on a few vehicles to indicate their interest, then leave again without ever buying a car.

In many cases during your sales activity, you may think you’re dealing with a potential customer only to discover they’re a tire kicker who’s been prolonging the sales process unnecessarily.

Find out how to get better at spotting tire kickers, and ways to deal with them 🔎

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