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Business Development Manager

Please allow different tiers of membership!

Hey, we would really love the ability to have different tiers of users. For example, most of our users only need to have the Essentials plan to track deals, but a couple of the BD devoted folks need to upgrade to Professional, unfortunately, it seems as if I can't do this.  

Now we have to look at other options, which is really frustrating. 

Is there a report or view in Pipedrive that displays revenue anticipated by month per their billing schedule? Instead of all showing on the close date in the revenue view?

Billing Capabilities for Admin users

Is there a way for us to limit permissions for Admin users specific to Billing? Like for instance, in our Pipedrive there are 3 Admins. Would love to have to limit other admins in Billing permissions but gets the same Admin rights as I have, except for Billing.