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Artificial Intelligence a modern approach

Since Artificial Intelligence showed up, individuals attempted to join into various parts to make it more basic, connecting with progress to think and change as showed up by individuals' needs. Artificial intelligence is still in its making stage; in any case, this structure can change the inclinations where we see progress. Since we have a short idea of Artificial Intelligence, let us skip further into the subject and get everything, we need to consider this while seeing the substitute points of view.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

In the hour of present-day programming building and progression, the mill inhabitant's run has... (More)


Cloud Computing or Cybersecurity? Which one is a better Career Path?


In cybersecurity, the unknown threats and malpractices against networks are prevented by the utilization of technology, methods, and best practices. This method completely depends on protecting the valuable data available on the internet. Since the increase in the usage of the internet has led to an increase in the rate of cybercrimes, many industries all over the world are facing data loss and damage. Thus, the need for cybersecurity for keeping the industries safe from hackers and malpractices, cybersecurity is required.

The main motive of cybersecurity is to prevent and secure confidential data from hackers or cyber-attacks. Since it... (More)

Downloadable Sales Calendar: What Key Events Should be in your Diary in 2021? 📆

Although many of the year’s key sales events in 2020 moved online, they still provide key opportunities for sales professionals to learn, promote their brands and network with others in the industry.

Plan your end to 2020 and start to 2021 with our sales calendar article and accompanying downloadable version.

We’ve also highlighted some of the key holidays and festive periods, including US national holidays, so you can plan your promotions around them.


❓What event will you be attending in 2021?


🔎 Click here for a downloadable guide to the key events going on in 2021.


Here is a system to close big deals in one call!

We got Evan Santa, Sales Manager at Vidyard to spill out the secret