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Octavio Yoshio Hozawa
Executivo de Vendas do Mercado Livre

CRM Para Loja de Brinquedos

Sales Incentives Programs: How do you keep your sellers, selling?

Sales incentives succeed when they cater to a rep’s individual strengths and weaknesses, a sales team’s collaboration and a deal’s unique characteristics. How do you decide which sales incentive to apply to your business?

Research shows that across the board, the happiest employees are the ones who feel appreciated, valued and heard. In fact, 58% of people say that they would feel more engaged if leaders gave recognition to the job they were doing.

Graceanne Domino, Manager, Sales Development at Rocketrip believes that the key to galvanizing a team is with role-specific incentives.

“I’ve had the most success with a... (More)

Octavio Yoshio Hozawa
Executivo de Vendas do Mercado Livre

CRM para o Varejo

Amit SardaCommunity Driver
Freelance Business Consultant |

Wrote a detailed post on automated leads assignment in Pipedrive



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