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Bots & messaging
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🎥 How to customize your notifications, follow topics and join channels in the Community.

Ability to configure notifications for PD Chatbot ONLY

We currently rely on PD's chatbot to provide live assistance to our customers and those interested in our product. We are running into issues with missing live chats however due to notification issues. As I understand it there are two ways to receive notifications: 1)enable desktop notifications through browser and PD or 2) download and use mobile app

The problem lies in enabling desktop notifications. I am then alerted to all actions in PD, not just chat notifications. It is extremely difficult to discern a chatbot notification from all the other noise. Ultimately we all turn off these notifications because... (More)

PipeDrive Chat as Live in Email Signature


Can we integrate PipeDrive live chat into email signature so that we can leads talking directly to our agents.

what i need is non java script link to pipedrive chat which i can embed in the html email signature as href.

Live Chat

Hallo zusammen,
wenn der Live-Chat genutzt wird und es entsteht daraus ein Deal, ist dieser leider nicht in dem Deal sichtbar sondern nur in den Live-Chats.
Finde das etwas unglücklich gelöst, da so die ersten Informationen nicht im DEAL sind und der DEAL so an zwei Orten verwaltet wird.
Eine Einstellung hierzu habe ich leider nicht finden können.
Wie löst Ihr das bzw. würde ich hier gerne einen Feature Request stellen.
Danke euch

[Survey] How do you use Whatsapp in your work with clients?

Hi, people!

My team and I are working on a way to improve the sales team`s efficiency on Whatsapp. Specifically, we're developing the automatic Whatsapp to PipeDrive integration. I'm looking to find out how you use Whatsapp in your work now: for lead gen, sales, account management, long-term customer relations, etc.

Please fill in this survey (takes 5-10 minutes, I checked!):

We're 3 years on the market already, but will be developing a direct/native integration of Whatsapp to a CRM for the first time, so your input is highly appreciated.

Your answers will help me understand your goals and... (More)