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Bots & messaging
Bots & messaging
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I have a suggestion regarding the Live Chat. Would it be possible to schedule times there to switch the Live Chat on and ... I have to set me online manually.

Live Chat + Person Profile


It'd be great if you could provide option to transfer Live Chat data to Person Profile to have all the conversations in one profile.

Marcus Gates
SVP, Americas Sales & Marketing

LiveChat Permission

I would like to see the ability to designate users to handle chat, and prevent others from picking up chat requests without their profile being authorized somehow.  Is that something that would be useful to anyone else?

Slack Channel Messages and Automations


I am trying to update a slack channel when a deal moves along our pipeline. This works fine if I am an owner, but not if anyone else does it. 

And yes, I have set it to be triggered by any user. Seems like a bug to me? Nothing wrong with the automation as it works when I do it... and the other standard automations like new deal alerts and won deal alerts work OK for everyone.