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Bots & messaging
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Allow me to MINIMIZE the Intercom chat of Pipedrive - not CLOSE it entirely

When I'm seeking help from Pipedrive on a certain problem, I use the chat and it takes up a portion of the screen. This is a problem when the Intercom chat covers a section I want to get to. If I could minimize the chat (not close) that would help immensely. See pics for more comments 

Livechat falls short.

Using pipedrive live chat for almost a year. A this point we are probably going to move back to our previous chat system or other online chat system out there.

The biggest issue is that no one gets the notifications. Even me as the admin if i honestly didn't have an iWatch, or wearing it even i missed the people trying to connect.

No ability to close the chat for after hours. Like come on why the heck can someone try to connect to a chat at 2am. That just makes no sense and there is not way to schedule... (More)

Try the Customizable Whatsapp to PipeDrive integration

Hi people!

Several months ago, I made a post about the WA<>Pipedrive integration that my team and I were working on. With help of the members of this community, we developed an integration that allows for flexible customizations - as simple as setting up a rule on Zapier.

I invite you to try it out:

If you're interested to see how it works live, please join me for a demo. Based on your feedback, we will add new options and features.

For example, right now you can set up the integration to automatically sync Whatsapp communication with your prospects... (More)