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Bots & messaging
Bots & messaging
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Issues with SlackDealBot

Hi I have issues to setup the deal bot. I made all settings, turned on all necessary things but it doesn't make notifications in the channel when I make a new deal (and actually any other notifications as well. It is silent)

Do anyone has the same?

Minha lista de ferramentas complementares ao Pipedrive :D, comente a sua tambem!

API4com para Ligações Voip

Snovio para geração de leads, cadencia de e-mail

Cliksign para contratos integrados no Pipedirve

Pipechat para Whatsapp individual para Whatsap, Instagram e Facebook em time, automação de Whatsapp API Oficial

Z-Api para automação de Whatsapp individual 

Active Campaing, RD Station para automação de Marketing + Google Data Studio para Dashboards animais!

Linkedin Helper II para automações de linkedin integradas nas ações do Pipedrive

Integromat para programação low-code, impede leads duplicados, integração elegante com marketing, lead score e as coisas mais incríveis que você consiga imaginar :D

November's New Apps Spotlight!

Check out the 2 new apps featured in this month's App Spotlight.

  • TimelinesAI - helps you automatically sync Whatsapp messaging with your clients to Pipedrive Deals and Persons
  • Postcall - helps you send customer satisfaction surveys after your Aircall, RingCentral or Zendesk Talk calls, delivered via SMS or email.


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Laura Maier
Sales Operations Manager

Automation - Communication Pipeline and Stage move on Slack


I have set up an automation to watch some specific changes in deals on different pipelines (and stages). I am communicating into a Slack channel and would like to integrate the Pipeline and Stage name before and after the change has happened. The automation works fine but the Pipeline and Stages are only communicated in ID number format instead of Pipeline and Stage name.

I know this is something that I would be able to do via Zapier, but I would like to leave it here as suggestion. In this case I was looking for a quick fix automation to supervise that some changes are not being done and I wanted this to be set up in a few minutes - obviously going to Zapier and setting up there will take me longer (as I am not a pro user on Zapier (yet)).