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Dealbot in Slack: how to enable markup/carriage returns?



We're using Pipedrive & Slack.

I've created an automation rule that does the following:


When an Activity whose type is X has the Notes section filled in, Dealbot publishes these notes in a Slack channel.


However, these notes come with zero markup, not even carriage returns (line breaks).


Is there anything I can do for Dealbot to prettify these notes when pasting them to Slack? Thanks.

LiveChat Transcript transfer

Hello , would be great if one day the transcript automatically moves over to notes when converting to lead or convert to deal 

how can I keep the MS-Word draft format in pipedrive for my Email draft. It is always changed if I use ctrl + v . Also the Paragraph indentation is 2 lines. How can I reduce that?

Need to be able to increase the time between the chat opening until a chat closes, as generally none of our sales team ... then it closes and we cant do anything.