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Help - Bulk data movement

Hi, I have imported data and it's sat in the contacts tab down the side of my screen, but I want to bulk move it into a pipeline for one of the sales team. What is the quickest and most effective way to do this please?

Try the Customizable Whatsapp to PipeDrive integration

Hi people!

Several months ago, I made a post about the WA<>Pipedrive integration that my team and I were working on. With help of the members of this community, we developed an integration that allows for flexible customizations - as simple as setting up a rule on Zapier.

I invite you to try it out:

If you're interested to see how it works live, please join me for a demo. Based on your feedback, we will add new options and features.

For example, right now you can set up the integration to automatically sync Whatsapp communication with your prospects... (More)

Hi @Daniel Kofi Akowuah35 , thank you for your feedback!

Currently there are no direct plans for it but the team noted down your suggestion for when they'll work on updates again. This is where we make all product update announcements, make sure to follow them:

  • Follow What's Planned25 to know what we're currently working on and what’s to come.
  • Follow What’s New8 and don’t miss any new release announcements.
  • Join our Research and Beta Testing channel9 for the chance to try out early versions and give us your opinion about new and improved features before they go live.

Bulk update columns with value of another column


I am very new to Pipedrive and our team has (4 days ago) made a migration from Salesforce. We created a column to capture the original Deal Date and now we want to update the default "Deal Created" date in Pipedrive with the value from the column we created for the input.

What is the best, fastest, and most secure way to process this? Perferably using available tools and not having to write code/use api. Or if it is not possible using available tools can someone direct us to references on how to achive this with code /using the... (More)