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Bulk actions
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Bulk conversion of leads to deal / pipeline / group email

Hi just wanted to check I am not missing "something", but bought a bunch of leads via "prospector" - now I want to effectively put them into 1 deal and send them a #targeted EDM as a group....Is that possible? Paying for too many platforms - Pipedrive,, active campaign, plannable, qwillr....too much wanna be duplication in functionality BUT NOT QUITE THE FULLY BAKED PRODUCT.....Have been a big fan of pipedrive from inception and its come a LONG WAY.....this should be an easy task function....hopefully I am just being DUMB?

How do I bulk add deals from a filter list I've created ?

I want to create new deals against a number of contacts I have in pipedrive.

I don't want to have to go to each contact one by one to create the new deal.

I would like to create a list with the filter tool in pipedrive

Then bulk add new deals against people I select on the list

I notice I can do bulk covert list results to leads but can figure out how to bulk add to new deals.

Delete thousands of contacts


I would like to delete around 4.000 contacts from PD. The list view is not an option as this would require selecting these 4.000 contacts manually. Is there an upload that deletes contacts based on the email address or something like this?

Kind regards



Lead Edit

Why is it not possible to edit leads in bulk? Or: Why is it possible to edit Deals in bulk? ...if you prefer it that way!