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Bulk actions
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Add 'Bulk' Winning / Losing Deals

From time to time we can get a trifle tardy. Deals that have been won can accumulate and, short of import/export data manipulation, there does not seem to be a way to bulk 'win' (or lose) deals.

In list view I can use a filter to select deals and perform some bulk edit functions on deals. ... eg; 'Send Group Mail' , 'Convert to Lead,' or 'delete'

I would really like the addition of a 'win' and 'lose' buttons so I can make a multi-selection of more than one deal and 'win' them (in our own scenario).

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Joshua HindmanSolution provider partner
Founder at &

Hey @Nathan Okuley5 you actually can bulk update activities. If you click on the Activities tab and choose the list view, there will be a checkbox on the left. After checking all or multiple activities, you'll have a bunch of options to update them in bulk. :)

Hope that helps!

BUG: Bulk edit of Activities


if I edit multiple activities and try to assign them to a deal, since recently there is strange behaviour of PD. It asks me if i am really sure that i want to edit the Deal/Contacts (but i am editing the activity?)?. And then after starting it fails and no changes occur.

Anyone else experiencing the same issue?

Best, Philipp 


When marking deals as 'Lost' in bulk- there is no popup that asks Lost reason (as would normally happen when you do it manually in each deal)- can this be a new feature please!