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Business Development
Business Development

Share and learn ideas, initiatives, and activities aimed towards making a business better:

  • increasing revenue
  • growth and expansion
  • increasing profitability
  • building strategic partnerships
  • strategic business decisions

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How to use Pipedrive to maintain relationship with existing clients who don't have an active lead/deal

Hello - We have just started our license with Pipedrive. We get a lot of our new deals from our regular/existing clients. Lead and Deal modules help us manage a new business enquiry from a new or an existing client. But how do we maintain and manage relationship with  existing clients who don't have an active lead or deal. Some of the activities that we would like to do with such clients are - sending monthly newsletters, greeting for bday, seasons, forward any specific new that we think could be interesting to them, set up call /meetings during industry conferences etc. 

Where does sales end and business development begin?

Business owners, managers and sales and marketing professionals frequently view sales and business development as a single, umbrella-like system.

In many newer businesses and startups, for example, a few key team members may be entirely responsible for:

  • Researching and understanding their company’s target market
  • Finding and connecting with potential buyers
  • Selling their products and services

As your business grows, however, your team is less likely to have the time (and in some cases, the skills) to focus productively and proactively in all of these areas.

So, how do you bring in a business development team to push your revenue activities to the next level?

Read our article to find out about building a business development team.

📽️ From Zero to Launch - How the Pipedrive team launched a new product from scratch | September 8, 2021

If you couldn't make it to the live event or would like to rewatch, you can find below the full 'From Zero to Launch' product meetup. This is a unique opportunity to hear Krishna Panicker, Maria Lasprilla, Jana Waldschmidt and Agne Kinks share their stories on how the Pipedrive team launched a new product from scratch 🚀

Pipedrive Lisboa já conta com 200 colaboradores 🇵🇹 🎉

Esta semana, a equipa de Lisboa da Pipedrive deu as boas vindas ao seu 200º membro! Cláudia Leitão, a Head of People & Site Leader, revela mais detalhes sobre o percurso da empresa em Portugal aqui:


“Ter aberto o escritório local há quase cinco anos tornou-se numa das minhas maiores aventuras profissionais. Começamos com a ambição de sermos 50 no primeiro ano, depois 100 no segundo e 150 no terceiro. Conseguirmos 230 é a meta que temos para 2021 e aproximadamente 1000 pessoas a nível global. Tem sido um privilégio poder ajudar e fazer parte do crescimento desta empresa.”