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Business Development
Business Development
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Head - Business Application

We would like to incorporated of MEDDICC process in Pipedrive. Is anyone doing this? Or have found other options to integrate this other than GDrive?

How can you adapt the core metrics of your sales funnel to maximize sales success in your industry?

Any salesperson knows that a well-managed, clear sales funnel is fundamental to sales success. Without this, people who are interested in your products or services may never make a purchase. A sales funnel helps salespeople guide potential customers through their buying journey and provides key insights into customer behaviors. Reps can use these insights to convert cold prospects into hot leads and ultimately into paying customers.

No matter what it is you’re selling, a sales funnel has three fundamental stages:

  • Top - Customer awareness and discovery
  • Middle - Customers research and evaluate barriers and risks
  • Bottom - The decision to... (More)

Academy Webinar: "Lead the way: Why culture is key to growth" 📈 🌱

Join us for our first episode of the "Lead the way" series in our Academy, where Caroline Chayot (Atomico), Marie Moesgaard (Pleo) and Cláudia Moreira Leitão (Pipedrive) discuss how companies can successfully scale their business by keeping their DNA.


❗By the way... did you know you have an entire Pipedrive Academy full of video courses, tutorials, webinars and other exclusive learning material? We regularly add new material, and it's not just about Pipedrive! I'd check it out if I were you 😉