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Calculation fields
Calculation fields
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A lot of people have requested this feature. For now (while it's not possible) I've used Zapier with a number of my clients to do these calculations and output the result into a field. Please let me know if you need any help.

Morne Combrinck
Commercial Property Broker

New field types

Could you please indicate if you are planning to add some more field types like computation/calculation fields?  For instance, adding the square meters (m²) (a) and the price per m² (b) results in the calculation field being updated = Rent per month (c).  a x b = c  

Perform calculations in custom fields...

I believe it would be extremely helpful to provide the ability to perform calculations in custom fields.  This would be even more useful if you could report on these custom fields.  ie...calculate commissions on project value or calculate profit margins etc.

Thank you for the consideration!