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Calculation fields
Calculation fields
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Create a Calculated Custom Field (i.e Commission custom field)

It would be very beneficial to have a calculated custom field. For example, it would be nice to automate the calculation of commissions. Here are the custom field calculations that I have in mind:

[Commission Type] * [Deal Amount]

  • (Depending on the Commission Type selected, it calculates different percentages)

Sum two customer fields for open deal's

How can I calculate two custom fields in another field? Help me please!!!

Mauricio Dabdoub
CRM / eCommerce Omnichannel Consultant


Hi folks, any tip to manage "depending" fields? I left some examples which can show what I need, I hope someone can get with the solution, which I couldn't find in the marketplace.

in example: field1 (pick list one option) = COUNTRY (list of countries) and field2 (pick list one option) =CITY(list of cities), if I select a country from the list the field2 should offer a list of cities of this country. The same for field1 (pick list one option) = ZONE (list of zones) and field2 (pick list one option) =STORE (list of stores, I need to see all stores from a Zone. Other example can be field 1 = CATEGORY and field 2 = PRODUCT or field1 = COURSE and field2 = STUDENTS, field 1 = TEAM nr and field 2 = EMPPLOYEE ...etc


THANKS, have a great Pipedrive season.

Currency converter when product added

Hi Team,

for example I have a few  products in USD. My default currency is €  

How to make proces like below when I’m creating deal:

  1. I put Item Item 1 what is in USD.
  2. system is change value in real time from USD to €.
  3. item 1 is put in deal in €

It is useful when I’m reseller of global prosucts. I have to show always official global price. But I operate in local market. 
i can not change pri e everyday due exchage rate. 

Any options? 

Thank you so much for your support