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Calculation fields
Calculation fields
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Common Currency, before full calculation field capabilities

Years have gone by since suggesting calculated fields ... so well this is the ultimate idea for many use cases.

Pipedrive maybe able to offer a solution to one of the user cases "Common Currency" before developing full calculation capabilities.

My organisation is a listed company with sales regions around the world as such there is a default currency for financial information, deal values, forecasting e.t.c.

Pipedrive should create a new custom field that allows for the creation of a new field that is based on the selection of an existing "Monetrey field" and selection of a Currency from the... (More)

total customer wallet

Does anyone know how I can enter the total wallet of a customer organization?


Hi Pipedrivers,

hat zufällig schon jemand Erfahrungen mit Preisrechnern in Pipedrive? Bzw. gibt es da zu empfehlende Apps? Der Rechner soll Preise mit mehreren Faktoren berechnen und zusätzlich die Provision meiner Salesmanager.

Liebe Grüße und Danke im Voraus,


I could be great to enable calculated fields in PipeDrive to make basic calculations based on various numerical fields.