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Calendar View
Calendar View
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Calendar view

#calendar sharing. How can I limit the view my colleagues has when accessing my calendar to business related events only, without having to keep two separates calendar?

Thanks for your suggestions.


Martin Pecha
Growth Manager at COGVIO

How to improve privacy while sharing two-way sync calendar with pipedrive?

I started using two-way sync with pipedrive. Really cool as I do not have to duplicate stuff in pipedrive. However, a lot of meetings I create in my calendar are not related to sales and I prefer not to share their content with others. Since these events are synced in pipedrive as my activities, everyone can see them. Is there a way, how to define, which things I want to have public and which not?

Error on PipeDrive Calendar reporting?

I normally have a browser tab opened up to my PipeDrive Calendar all day long to check my progress.

Today, I was reviewing my activities in this calendar to get my itinerary set. When I got my emailed itinerary, it showed an event that was not showing on my PipeDrive calendar tab. I went back to the deal that this was associated with, and saw the activity reporting,, but it was not on my PipeDrive Calendar. I also looked at my linked Google calendar and saw the event listed properly at the correct time slot. I had almost missed an... (More)

Title in Calendar View

Hi.  I'm new to Pipedrive.  I have added calls, emails, activities, meetings etc. to calendar, but for some reason only some of  those display the title in calendar view.  For example, one states call Mrs Brown, the other just has the phone symbol without the title that I have entered.  When I click into it, the title is there, but it doesn't show up on my calendar view.

Any suggestions?