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🎥 How to customize your notifications, follow topics and join channels in the Community.

Recurring Activities: Please help us by filling this survey for research!

Dear Pipedrive community, 

We’re currently researching recurring/repeating activities in Pipedrive. This would impact your activity, calendar and list views. We know this topic has been mentioned often in the community. 

We’d like to gather your feedback with a short survey that shouldn’t take longer than 2 minutes to fill. Your feedback will help us a lot! 

Here's the link ->

PS. We'll also follow up with interviewing some of you soon. We're excited about this! 

Thank you,

Pull Organisation address into Activity Location field as the default or first suggestion

Don't you think it would make sense for the Organisation's address to be there as the first suggestion in the Location field when creating a meeting or appointment?  We have it for the person (the contacts in the company) so why not give us the company address if it has been entered?   I find it quite annoying that we go to the trouble of populating the address fields but it does not appear as the default for the meeting location.

Google Forms!

Hi Pipedrivers

We'd like to suggest Pipedrive to integrate with Google Forms.  

This will give primary Pipedrive users (mainly the sales team) an ability to have visual control on site surveys. Of course there are many application in the market such as iAuditor or other solutions, however Google Form integration will make Pipedrive users to save cost, also relying on Pipedrive more and doesn't require the sales team to learn a new software.


Thank you.