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Calendar View
Calendar View
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waitlist functionality on Calendar sync

I am using the Google calendar sync for my demonstration clinics. These work slightly differently to a standard meeting. It would be useful for my business to be able to run a waitlist that prospects can sign up to as well as other proposed meeting dates. I do get some cancellations so knowing who is interested in having a demonstration is really invaluable. If it is possible to add this type of functionality to the calendar options that would be great. 

Calendar Block-Offs

I would LOVE if Pipedrive could enable us to mark off certain days on the calendar for holiday/vacation/sick days. This way I don't set myself or my coordinator tasks on days we don't work.  I've mentioned this a few times, but I know it takes more people to make a difference. 

Hope there are other people that could benefit from this :) 

Duplicate Calendar events

Would love the ability to quickly duplicate calendar events to be in multiple team members calendars. This would add so much to our scheduling ability. Or have more than one team member assigned to a task.

Calendar view

#calendar sharing. How can I limit the view my colleagues has when accessing my calendar to business related events only, without having to keep two separates calendar?

Thanks for your suggestions.