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Adding calendar events: default cursor in data entry field

Hi there, just a quick feature request for something that drives me insane about the Pipedrive calendar. When you click into an open space to create an activity, can you PLEASE let the user start typing immediately into the data entry box? Other calendars do it this way, so every time I try to add an activity, I look up after typing for 5 seconds and my screen is doing weird things instead of entering the name of the activity. Here's a short video that shows the issue. 


Remove completed tasks from calendar

I organize my workflow by creating a tasks (e.g call Brian) with a specific date and time. I mark it as completed which is a very lovely feature. However, if I complete that task early it will still show up in my calendar and "blocks" that time slot. I don't want to delete it since I need the history. Any ideas? 

12-hour clock instead of 24-hour clock

Is there a way to use a 12-hour clock with AM/PM for calendar events, instead of 24-hour clock?

30-day Activity/Project timeline

When one of our employees marks an activity as done that has possibly taken anywhere between 60-90 days to do and saves it, pipedrive for some reason reverts back the done date to 30 days from when the activity first started

I.e. start activity on may 9, 2020, "end date" sept 4, 2020, hit save but once we go back in to edit it some more it says "end date" is june 9, 2020

For our business, some projects may require to take longer to complete, it use to have an unlimited amount of days now it is just 30.... (More)