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Calendar sync
Calendar sync
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Change Calendar Color (with Workflow Automation)

In my work calendar, I like to distinguish internal calls vs external calls by color coding (i.e., change any meeting with an external party to orange).  This allows me to quickly see which events I need to be most prepped for, which events can't be late for, which events have flexibility to move, etc.

I don't think Pipedrive supports calendar colors yet, but this would be a great visual enhancement.  And/or if I could set up a workflow automation to update colors back to the google calendar, that would be neat as well.

If Org is not <my org>, color activity on pipedrive calendar and google calendar orange.

Daily Booking Limits


I'd like to suggest enabling appt limits to the schedule. I've used a couple of other booking systems that offer this, Acuity as well as a white label version of HighLevel.

Essentially once we have a certain number of a specific activity on a given day, the schedule no longer lists that day with availability to book.

I'd still like for staff to be able to override that limitation, this would apply directly to self booking through the scheduler on our website.

If anyone has a work around I'd love to know.



Calendar sync issues - pulls all calendars across and wont remove once synced

Calendar Sync is hugely inconvenient in the way this currently works. Our team were excited in being able to use the "Propose Time" option and was all looking like this could resolve a big issue for us but the way the current calendar function works, it just won't be possible to use it as it pulls across all the calendars which is the first issue but then won't remove them once you select another calendar which is the second issue. The third issue being recurring events not being able to be edited/removed either.  

This means we cant send out to our clients the facility to send our clients our availability and for them to book in as the calendars that have been pulled across are conflicting with it. Please can this be sorted as would help massively to manage our appointments?

Suggest different timeslots for different weeks to clients with ONE link

In the activities, section you have the "suggest timeslots" but there I can only work with a scedule that is the same for every week I want them to book timeslots.  Can you make a scedule for example for a month which is different every week?

I do want to have "one" link, but I want the link to create for example not every week the same slots at the same days.


This would be GREAT!