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Calendar sync
Calendar sync
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Google Calendar Sync

Hi guys, what about an activity get automatically associated with a contact when that has is an event in google calendar or else.

At the moment, it just syncs the event, but it's not associated to contacts, deals, or companies.

It's something I think, we're supposed to expect from Pipedrive without really having to ask for it. It's been a very long time that the sync is not working properly, it just go half-way. Please fix that guys.

Here is an exemple of how it appear in Pipedrive. No Contact Person or Organization syncs even tho the email of those... (More)

Calendar/Contacts Stopped Syncing

Our accounts stopped syncing our calendar and contacts with our Microsoft Exchange accounts (but syncing our emails) making Pipedrive extremely inefficient.  We have not been able to get an answer from the Pipedrive engineering team for over a month.  Has anybody encountered a similar problem?  If we cant solve this issue soon our company will have to look for an alternative to Pipedrive.  Any feedback would be appreciated.  

Calendar integration with Apple Calendar or CalDAV

Hi there,

There's really a need to sync the calendar with further providers other than Google and Microsoft. How come such a numerous amount of Apple users are able to sync directly the calendar? And the CalDAV protocol is quite extended.

You're forcing us to use Google, who already knows too much about any of us. There's really no need for them to have an eye on all the business meetings that we have.

I've already forwarded this request to the development team over 1 year ago. Please make it happen!