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Calendar sync
Calendar sync
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Inbound Sync Only

I'm looking to sync my calendar one-way—events on my calendar should appear inside of Pipedrive—but nothing from Pipedrive should go back to my calendar at all.

The reason is only part of my job is sales, and I'd like to track activities that are sales related, but not ones that activities, but if I delete an event in Pipedrive to just forget about it / ignore it, since I have a lot of other (non-sales) things. I don't want the event actually deleted from my calendar.

Also, I also already use calendly to schedule my meetings, so most of my... (More)

Sync Recurring Meetings with Mobile App

Recurring meetings are currently synced to the web application but not mobile. If I'm syncing, I expect to see all my meetings synced on both web and mobile.

Hi Robert, 

This would require a Zapier automation - but yes, with a zap it is possible to pull more details and populate the calendar or insert the link. 


Outlook Calendar Synchronization (Problem with time zones)

Hello everybody,

we have a problem with the calendar synchronization with Outlook. Appointments that are entered via Pipedrive are displayed correctly in the main calendar view in Outlook. In the detail view, however, the appointment is shown two hours earlier. This problem is probably related to the transfer of the time zone, because in the detail view in Outlook the appointment is displayed with the time zone UTC even though the time zone is UTC +1. The Pipedrive Support cannot help here at the moment, does anyone have a solution for the problem?