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Calendar sync
Calendar sync
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Any workarounds for adding pipedrive "activities" to your Gcal as a "task" instead of as an "event"??

Anyone have a workaround for adding activities to your Gcal as a "task" instead of as an "event"??

I am hoping to figure this out so I don't have to maintain an entirely separate calendar just for Pipedrive tasks.

Currently, having my pipedrive tasks enter into my Gcal as an events, blocks anyone using my calendar booking software from grabbing that "slot"

Looking for a GREAT flexible calendar with Zapier / Integromat connection

Hello All,

I'm working with a roofing company that has 2 in house crews and sub contracts work out to various crews depending on the complexity and location of the job. I can't seem to find any great calendar applications that everyone can easily access and I can integrate into Pipedrive via Zapier or Integromat. Anyone have any thoughts? I'm all for using 1 less cloud application and sticking with a Google shared calendar but, this is tough as well. How does everyone else manage home construction or similar jobs with so many crews needing information?

Outlook to pipedrive (private meetings)

Hello, I would like to sync my outlook calendar to pipedrive to make the best use of the scheduler feature. Some of my meetings in my outlook are locked (marked as private) . Are they going to be hidden/marked as private to other users also in pipedrive?

Recurring Activities on Calendar!!

It would be great if the calendar had an option to add recurrent activities!

I struggle a lot with this because some times we need to add a recurring activity and need to add it manually. For example, if I need to add to my calendar a meeting with a client that happens every Monday of each week during 6 months, I have to add manually 24 activities with the same name each Monday for the next 6 months. Just as this little example, we loose a lot of time adding this types of activities that had to be repeated... (More)