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Default activity length for sync to google calendar so time is made unavailable to scheduling app (ex. Calendly)

It would be very helpful to set a default activity time length so when it syncs to my google calendar, it gives the calendar event a default length of time, say 30 minutes (rather than zero length of time now), so that it can be picked up as time that is unavailable by a scheduling app (Calendly) - at zero length it's not blocked off in the scheduling app and I get conflicts.

Calendly alternative

Hi! Does anyone have experience with online scheduling software like Calendly? I'm trying to find a valid alternative because their redesign doesn't work with our business.

- Integrates with Zoom (online meeting link generation)
- Automatically sends Google Calendar invites
- Can be embedded on our own site
- Create team calendars with round-robin assigning
- Email integration to send available times in Gmail
- Preferably weekly availability overview / not monthly

Any help is much appreciated! 🙏

Auto link Calendly meeting to contact

Client books Calendly, Zapier adds to Pipedrive. Anybody know if there is a way to link the appointment (coming through Google Calendar sync) so that auto links to contact? (I mean it isn't that hard to click and add contact but I love automation...or I hate admin). Thanks!