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Call Tracking
Call Tracking
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Call Logging/Call History

It's only possible to log the last call I've sent/received. This is an issue for me because I will frequently have back to back calls, upwards of 5 calls in 10-20 minutes. I do not have time in between the calls to go into my notifications and hit the log button. I am suggesting adding in a call history section that will allow me to go and see all the calls that have taken place in the previous ~24 hours, or longer. This will allow me to have as many calls as I need to and once I have a free minute I can go back through and log all the calls I've had. As it stand I am missing out on a lot of activity when it comes to calls.

Note-taking process in Pipedrive app makes no sense


I use the PD app to make calls while on the go.

DURING my calls, I take notes. If the call lasts 20mn, and the person I talk to tells me figures, names, dates, etc. I want to write them down immediately.

However, the Pipedrive app prompts me for notes for the call I'm on only AFTER I've hung up.


I end up taking notes in a different app and then pasting them into PD after the call is done (great...).


What do other PD users think?

@Roadmap Tech , @Inês Batata and PD team: is this meant to be that way?



Run query / filter on recorded calls

Can I ran a query with a filter on recorded calls. For example # recorded calls/ month (or month to date)

Felicity NolenCommunity Driver
Team Member at

What is the best phone dialer that integrates with Pipedrive

Hi everyone,

INHO what's the best phone dialer to use with Pipedrive?

We want to be able to manage a high volume of incoming calls during a upcoming busy period.

Any feedback you could provide would be greatly appreciated.