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Call Tracking
Call Tracking
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Run query / filter on recorded calls

Can I ran a query with a filter on recorded calls. For example # recorded calls/ month (or month to date)

Felicity NolenCommunity Driver
Team Member at

What is the best phone dialer that integrates with Pipedrive

Hi everyone,

INHO what's the best phone dialer to use with Pipedrive?

We want to be able to manage a high volume of incoming calls during a upcoming busy period.

Any feedback you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

How does call logging from the mobile app work?

I found that my calls from the mobile app were not logging. 

I think it's because I put the company phone number in the Company area, not the person area.  I still want to log calls when I speak with an attendant or executive assistant.  Is there a way to do this or am I correct that only calls to a phone number under a contact name are logged? Appreciate help or insights.

Jan Visser
Sales Leader / General Manager

Calling Feature

I've played a bit with the Pipedrive calling feature in an attempt to better track and record outbound cold calls.

A couple of things stood out - maybe because there are things missing, likely because I am not using this feature correctly.

1. First, there are calling types. While it says "User can record the result....Edit default outcomes or add your own".

I tried finding a way to EDIT the default outcomes and renaming them but there seems to be no way to do that, unless I am missing something.

2. When finishing and recording the outcome of the... (More)