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Is it possible to use the Caller to conference more than one person at a time?

I work in the mortgage industry and we'll have deals where we want both clients in on the call - is this possible using Caller?

Pipedrive Caller: Feedback on usage, Insights, Reporting

The support staff in the team are calling customers on behalf of the deal owners using Pipedrive Caller. The call log says who called the customer, but the activity is still assigned to the person who the outstanding was assigned to. There is no option to edit this call log and assign it to the person who made the call, except by creating a list view of these calls. This is now resulting in the team raising concerns about measuring sales efforts since the efforts are not logged against the person who took the efforts.

There is no option to get insights from Pipedrive Caller data either.


Would really appreciate some major improvements to the Pipedrive Caller functionality to see better adoption of the Pipedrive Caller feature.


Caller feature on the mobile app


Are there any plans to make the Caller credits available through Pipedrive mobile app? Some of our employees experience power shortages from time to time so that they are forced to use their mobile phones, not desktop app. And the browser version on the smartphone is quite hard to use.


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