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Here is a system to close big deals in one call!

We got Evan Santa, Sales Manager at Vidyard to spill out the secret

Auto telephone dial feature has no way to enter positive call experience

If you click on a telephone number within a contact or company, you have the ability to have PD dial it for you, which is a huge time saver! But once the call is completed, a screen pops up and only provides negative outcomes (No answer, Wrong number, No interest, Call back later, Left voicemail), there is no outcomes if you were able to connect with the person. Can the PD Product Team please consider adding a check box titles "Completed Call" or something in that vain?

Pipedrive Caller - Is there a way to eliminate the extra step of choosing calling method?

Hi There- 

Loving the pipedrive caller. I plan to roll it out for our team, if we can solve a couple minor issues.

I want to default to caller all the time, so this step of choosing my "Calling Method" is redundant. 

Is it possible to eliminate this step?

The two extra clicks slow things down a bit, and add a layer of undue complexity for agents.

Thank you!


Can I skip this screen, and just dial using Caller?
Can I skip this screen, and just dial using Caller?

Where can I find out how to set up caller.

Where can I find out how to set up caller in pipedrive? I typed it in the search but nothing comes up. Just where to find it and how to use it. no set up.