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Looking for quick feedback on the Caller feature [Deadline: July 30th]

Dear Community users,

If you are regular user of the Caller (professional plan feature), we'd like your first impressions and feedback on a design improvement on the Caller's settings designs particularly how we display the remaining balance. You can compare it to the existing screen inside your Pipedrive account as well if that helps.

Please take a couple of minutes to answer the questions below. What we'd like to hear from you is:

  1. What can you understand from the image below?
  2. How much remaining balance do you have available to make calls?
  3. Can you tell how bonus balance and... (More)
Nicolas Meier
Sales & Business Development Manager

Call from top of the deal


Please make available that the name is also a phone link, so you save the scrolling down. 


Call Logging/Call History

It's only possible to log the last call I've sent/received. This is an issue for me because I will frequently have back to back calls, upwards of 5 calls in 10-20 minutes. I do not have time in between the calls to go into my notifications and hit the log button. I am suggesting adding in a call history section that will allow me to go and see all the calls that have taken place in the previous ~24 hours, or longer. This will allow me to have as many calls as I need to and once I have a... (More)


Hi @Marko Zivanic4 

Just asking out of curiosity. Would you like to download all already recorded calls at once? Because you can simply download the recorded conversation.