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Ability to just add individual calling licenses

It would be great if you can just add on individual calling licenses for cold callers within an organization. many people here do not need that feature and would be a waste of money on them


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Caller functionality & integration with mobile phone via bluetooth

Microsoft Phone Companion allows you to make calls from your computer through your mobile phone via bluetooth.  Call charges are managed through your regular service provider.  It would be great to access the fuctionaility of Caller via a similar app or utility (though I understand Pipedrive has revenue attached to Caller?) 


Caller with Keyyo


I just wanted to inform all those who already use the Keyyo solution and would like to use it with the Caller function:

It's very easy and it won't cost you anything, except for the Pipedrive professional package.

You can link your number with the built-in function of pipedrive, which will call you (robot) on the number you entered (your phone number) and ask you to enter a code from the telephone terminal.

And that's all there is to it.

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