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Calling from phillipines to england

Can someone tell me the cheapest and best ways of someone in the Phillipines calling customers in London. Thanks!

Jonathan Templin
Customer Account Manager and Operations at Mathspace

Caller Improvements

I'm echoing a few of the requests below. I like Caller, but there is room for improvement. Some things I'd like to see are:

  • the ability to report by call outcome
  • more detailed time reporting (down to the second)
  • the option to make recording mandatory for certain users, but not others
  • call outcomes as an option in automations

In one of the posts below, it was mentioned by @Vincent Jyrwa that some of these improvements might be actioned during Q2 of this year. Is that still the case?

Call outcome - extremely needed

Hi guys!

Do you use call outcomes in the automation? Are there any viable workarounds for this to work?



Au cas où vous l'auriez manqué... les actus Pipedrive d'Avril 👀

Le mois dernier, nous avons enrichi nos outils de lead generation en incorporant de nouvelles fonctionnalités de reporting concernant l’acquisition et la conversion des prospects. 

Ce n’est pas tout : les utilisateurs des forfaits Professionnel et Entreprise peuvent désormais passer des appels directement depuis leur Boîte des prospects grâce au module Caller.

Pour en savoir plus, c'est par ici que ça se passe !